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  1. when Roni first showed me that i wasnt even suprised shed found it out.... Roni's KaW knowledge is second to none
  2. MG is valkerie .She not very good at going incognito under a new persona.
  3. Lmao im a guy so nice try
  4. Roni, you do realise it's possible and acceptable to change names and have multiple accounts in kaw right? I've changed name on this account numerous times for the lolz.

    As for being no match for you or salty, I've been catching and burn crystal after crystal of yours since your WC rant this afternoon, and Salty is a fragile kid, all you gotta do is hire a few allies and he starts crying before you manage to put a bar into him.

    Both you and Salty are downright the most pathetic people I've seen in kaw in my 8 years here. What's even more embarrassing for you is how you tell lie after lie, even though everyone including yourself knows that everything that comes out of your mouth (so to speak) is utter rubbish.

    So yeah, keep crying in forums and showing everyone how much of a twit you are. Bloody chav.
  5. Quit your lies valkerie i just woke up and theres none from you .All it is from the clan i am fighting.Just because you been exposed dont even bother lying jealous zero.And you only hired salty to get fame from his name because nobody notices you .Valkerie has been running around in every clan today chasing them ebs.You soo hardcore? I think not .We all saw your defeat against wandering,wight and how you were in p/m with him trying desperatley to get him to stop attacking you.We all saw how easyily & quick you cry in p/m.
  6. None from me, because this account is unfortunately too big to hit you, if you knew the game mechanics to any degree you would already understand this, yet once again you show just how new you are to this game. What do you mean exposed?

    I hired Salty because he was firstly a good investment and secondly his ally chat banter and threats were fun to see. I've actually only been in a few clans today, which again if you knew how this game works is nothing special. Didn't get defeated by wandering either, he just stopped returning Inc after that forum thread didn't go in his favour.

    You speak about crying like you don't do it at all, yet whenever I seen you in WC you are always complaining about something or other, but at the end of the day that's your personality in a nutshell. You cause issues for yourself, bite off more than you can chew and then desperately try and rectify things with this half assed forum posts you create.

    Heck, even SaltyFeet is crazy yet shows some common sense every so often, you on the other hand need to go get therapy. I'm serious. You're off the rails and I think you need counseling.

    Edit: Not sure why you think MG Wog and I are the same person, but referring to my previous point, you are clearly having issues seeing things straight and might want to speak to a therapist about your tendency to create issues and then play the victim. Oh also, I see you criticising me on clans and allies, looking at your profile I understand why, because you have neither. Always jealous aren't you.
  7. Fight! Fight! Fight!
  8. I realise Roni is missing a good old smack, so I head to her profile and bam, dtw. I guess some things never change *cough* Roni's mental issues *cough* Roni's jealousy *cough*

    Also Salty I owe you an apology, I accused you before of being an alt of Roni. But now I see that you are a respectable person in comparison to this half twit chav.
  9. MG aint you swifty ? Quit your lies valkerie.
  10. I've just knocked you a few hundred rungs down the ladder and all you can do is stay stuck on this identity topic and completely run from everything I said?

    Swift was my name, but that's not my account in your screenshot. It would be in violation of ToU for me to say otherwise, so here I am Roni, once and for all saying that MG WoG and I are two different people.

    Just cos you have a few personalities rolling around in there doesn't mean I do too. You at least gonna xstal again so I can catch and burn it?

    Oh, I'm not going to apologise for when you break down crying with all this, wouldn't be the first time you cried anyway, Typhoid sends her regards.
  11. Ronis got solid ebidence valky. U just gonna let her get away with it? Thats not the valky i no
  12. By solid evidence you mean a single screenshot, of a forum post dating back around 4 years, in a game where people are free to change names? Yeah haha, definitely wouldn't hold up in a court of law for sure.
  13. Im sory valky but u gotta do beter than that. Roni is a very, very informed pleyer an she don talk if she kent back it ap. So, in ma hombol opinion shes distroyin an exposin u. Im sory i jost col it like i see it
  14. Anyone who is dumb enough to suddenly believe MG and I are the same person based off this pathetic bundle of "proof" needs to get a PET scan to see if that last braincell has died or not. You claim Roni is "winning" yet all she did tonight was come online, completely avoid everything that's been thrown at her and instead post some screenshot that isn't even relevant anymore. Like seriously Roni the whole MG thing is so page 2, get with the times fml.

    But hey, what else can you expect from a scrawny chav who failed GCSEs.

  15. hehehehheheehehehehehehehehheheheheehehehehheehhehehehehehehheheheheheheh
  16. Saltyfeet=Poet
  17. So far

    _MG_of_WoG = Valkyrie-IV = ecstasy = iSwift = sovereign
  18. 1 more name/alt an ull b oficialy a dork
  19. Salty you are citing so many names that have nothing to do with me haha. Don't tell me your intelligence is dropping to Roni's levels?
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