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  1. I would like to see system war get a revamp. Seems that, tho it is still around, it's been just as neglected as GaW and FC. Here's my ideas, please throw in your own 2¢ worth... (the following is an excerpt from an email to ata):

    Bring back and fix the old war system. I've tried these new wars on all of my accounts, and honestly I think they are a disorganized mess with little coordination or teamwork. I know the problems that the old school war system had, but I also know there are a couple things that could very easily fix those problems. Here's my thoughts on it... 

    1. Reinstate the gold reward to the winning clan. Pwar or not, the ultimate goal of System war is, after all, the final rewards. 

    2. Lower the mith reward to no more than 1.5x what was used during the actual war (not prior to the start like these new wars do), and not guaranteed as part of the payout. Make mith drop similarly to equipment drops. This still provides a mith incentive, while keeping things balanced against the war taxes. 

    3. When a member leaves from either clan during the first half of the war, or from the winning side once forfeit is available, all of the taxes the member accumulated as well as the player's plunder, are removed. This stops people from circumventing the war system and exploiting it as in the past, as there is nothing left for an osf to claim should a pwar be attempted. (I suppose a true pwar is still possible, but no more forfeiting taxes to a willing target. I believe those were originally called reverse plunder wars.) 

    4. Offer tokens similar to what is done in the events, or like the relic equipment. People can earn and save them toward the purchase of exclusive equipment, again providing incentive for system war, and creating a new goal for players to strive for. With these tokens, not only do players get to purchase equipment as they can with mith, but also use it to upgrade the equipment. 

    Please seriously consider this war suggestion. I've offered up some of these things before at different times but nothing ever came about from it, and honestly I miss system wars and the way it brought the players together. A day of involvement and excitement that doesn't drag on redundantly like osw. I know the devs don't want to do something that would overshadow the new wars, but I know system war could happen along side those and epic battles, broadening both the scope of the game and the future potential of KaW. 
  2. I like the current system wars but I do like the idea of adding gold.
  3. I do like the options that were added just before system wars died out, and wouldn't want to see those options taken away. What I'm wanting is the system wars brought back into play, made again profitable and appealing.

    I am talking about system war, not chaos war. Those are the ones I don't care for, as mentioned in original post
  4. The current war system is fine just some idiots that like using alts to mess it up. If you want a good team find a ee clan and avoid Indys. The war tax I do miss along with that I would suggest adding a action counter.
    Some thing like
    Successful action-10
    Failed actions-100
    That way inactive and intensional leaks can be banned from war I seen people with one action that wount get banned causes they weren't inactive just a intensional leak.
  5. I love war, but I've tried these ee wars, both indie and in a clan. We used to be an organised unit, all working together, all using battle posts and reporting activity and incoming. These new (ee) wars seem like a cluster **** with only 2 people allowed to post in chat, updates spamming every few seconds, war rosters constantly shuffling people around, and a constant race to ko. No pin, no dtw, no full clan participation, and for me, no fun. I still do some, but sweep the roster and last 2 times I hardly even looked at chat.

    Not mean mouthing those who do enjoy the ee wars, but to me it's oranges and apples. Completely different things shaped similarly
  6. Than it's simple you don't under stand what a wc or trackers job is when you figure that out warring is much Easier and check clan roster no war roster
  7. I miss the old wars, and would take part if they were somehow re-instated.. and you've some great ideas there, but may still need a little tweaking in order to prevent them from being abused (or at least more difficult to abuse- let's face it, there's always going to be a way!)

    Support from me. :D
  8. Thanks for the support. I think if the devs started with just the first 3 things up there, it would give a good idea what needs attention and what still works. Even these ee wars were being exploited, but that all got fixed. I didn't think system wars were broken in the first place 
  9. Also, the matching program that's used for the new wars could be used on swar too. Each clan wanting to participate is randomly matched according to size and all that jazz.

    As to ee, it don't matter what roster I look at, I don't like them. They are still a mess with little real clan participation. I see more communication and member involvement in epic battles, which I prefer over the new wars-if it makes me a faerie or not