old player coming back i guess lol

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  1. Why the hell are old lands still so expensive I mean come on lol. Your obviously not gana get new players, so I mean why not?
  2. Please don't take drugs kids.
  3. Obviously a very constructive reply thank you. Still see the community is aids
  4. They arent gonna reduce price for lazy part timers are they.....
  5. They already get lowlands unlocked and can have those bc in a day or two as it is. If other lands were reduced in price you would have every main on their alt growing it rapidly.

    Lands are fine as they are.
  6. Really all you have to do is buy the lands now a days everything else is free over time because of the tokens. If there wasn't tokens maybe I'd agree with you that they should reduce land cost as it is now though it's fine.
  7. What tokens?
  8. No new players come to kaw.
  9. Tokens from the events except the newest lands don't get tokens for them.
  10. I saw a noob spell that was already nearly 100mill cs... honestly I think it’s too cheap.
  12. These are the crestplates you get in the side missions during events. You can use those to upgrade your buildings. So gold for lands crestplates for buildings.

    Locate them in your profile under building tokens right after your permanent items.
  13. Jose Canseco is a dev now and invented injectable tokens for your kingdom to get swollen like.

    Tokens = Kingdom Growth Hormones