Official 3 Word Game

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  1. Official 3 Word Game

    The object of this activity is simple, reply to the next person with 3 words, like this:

    Seth: One time a...

    Jackson: Support staff worker...

    Jared: Ate a slice...

    Dillan: Of pumpkin pie! *new sentence*

    Please be sure to mark the ends or beginnings of new sentences, and keep it clean.

    Alright, let's kick things off :)

    Somewhere, over the...
  2. Border of Mexico
  3. Police captured immigrants
  4. They got deported. (I'm Mexican no worries)
  5. Mexican flavored bacon
  6. Then were slaughtered
  7. Once upon a time
  8. The story continues...
  9. Chapter 2:

    Dropping the soap
  10. Full of Tattooed...
  11. Who love anal
  12. examinations with friends
  13. Done by big
  14. Barrel roll surgeons
  15. I said keep it clean. Please cease to reply for making explicit comment and not obeying rules of the thread.