Odin's Christmas Tour

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  1. Hello all.
    I've decided I want to do something on Kaw for my Christmas holidays. I want to do a kaw tour (If your from GAW bad ass bella did something like this that was the world tour) . I want to meet new people visit new clans and just have a fun time talking to people i dont normally talk with on here and spread some Christmas fun! I have 9 days off from work starting this Saturday (22/12/18) and would like to visit 1 (maybe more depending on interest) clans a day for 9 days before returning home. If you would like me to drop in please reply here and ill add your clan to my clan list! (I know people will say why not just visit clans instead of making a forum? But why not make it a bit different then just clan hopping)

    So if you want me to drop in let me know below! Doesn't matter if your in osw or do back to back despair i'll visit anywhere!

    Thanks for your time 

    Champions Corp ✔
    KotFE uprising
    Lethal knights ✔
    Enigma ✔
    Foxes ✔
    Committed ✔
  2. This was dope back in GaW. Sounds like it’d be fun to do in kaw also. Good luck bro!
  3. Please visit us at KotFE Uprising, we got some Lord RP going on and we're always looking for more sheep.
  4. Thankyou for the support this far! 
  5. Please take him we need a break.... he beats us
  6. Support! As long as I get to come too 
  7. Please visit lethal Knights
  8. Of course 
  9. Please feel free to visit us at Enigma Odin! ;)
  10. Come on guys got 4 clans just need 5 more! 
  11. Support, try some invictus clans 
  12. Only got 2 days to get 4 more clans!
  13. Visit your local foxes
  14. Look forward to seeing you in Champs Odin 
  15. Need 2 more come on guys! 
  16. Come thru Committed. Just give us a sec at the door, all admins plan to be drunk from now till New Year's.