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  1. There is no intelligent life forms here...


    and delete.
  2. Why can't you use the plates? I'm your size and I can use them...
  3. 100$ a week? jesus
  4. Nothing about this game takes skill... maybe a bit of knowledge but that's as far as it goes
  5. True
  6. Aye! the pvp event ya actually had to apply urself! All this event did is just cater to the already EB ELITES who spend thousands on hte. Perfect job ya nutwhack devs! Bravo! let's just make sure this game goes to hell faster shall we??

    **EDIT** PROOF that the devs Golden toilet had to be replaced recently.

    Oh and to as y I couldnt use ANY plates? becuz I'm bc thru hf. abyss was only option and my plate costs for ug were too damn high!... 400+ worthless, utterly pointless plates!
  7. It only takes 6 or 12 dollars a week to be in a b2b hte clan
  8. -_- thx squishy... my sarcasm was lost on u. I'll go find where it wondered off, give me a few years. bbs

    **edit** not intended maliciously. sry... juz ina mood rn lol. I dont do hte clans. If ya knew my rep, you'd know why lmao. I'm sure my fan club will appear soon... they always do

    Only saving grace was the minis, they were able to grow. for that, u get a lil credit devs. but that's where I'm drawin the line lolz
  9. Have a nice trip!

    And you have a fan club :eek: what's the name?
  10. I've already said too much lol. I juz need to curb my sarcasm and "tone" (I guess) so "they" don't feel so triggered.
  11. the name is ya mutha *moon face*
  12. Khalifa xD!! ya turd, not everyone knows the haters lmfao, I think squishy juz recently got back on kaw too, fiz in clan wit her lolol
  13. I am not in the same clan with anyone who goes by the name fiz. I believe you have been fed false information!
  14. What about the silver bars that can be used for upgrades lol?.

    This event was to help smaller players catch up, since plates can be used it would be very useful for our new players to grow faster with them along with the silver bars anyone can use to upgrade.

    The developers have put a lot of work to making these plates and if you think about what they are used for you will understand.
  15. I agree with the bird.
  16. Actually squishy, you are... fyi **edit** you were.

    @eagle, aye and a worthy cause indeed. But they arent the only players e.e... unless Im in the twilight zone. Players of Fission's size or more- unless money was spent in abundance to get those 100k rewards (sarcasm), then we got a whole nice shiny set of "stick up the rear" plates... for all the gd they are
  17. I'm not even in a clan. And the last clan I was in was SiK, if fission is fiz then he is in HITZ. You are a liar :(
  18. Your constant claims of "liar" make you look a child. juz so u know. look at the edit above.

    AND, I juz looked. ur in sik. so claiming no clan... a lie?

    If ya wanna play that game, gl. you aint ready lmao
  19. I think you are taking this way too seriously :mrgreen: . Lighten up! At the time of my post I was not in a clan.
  20. Exactly. at the time of my first post claiming u were in clan, u were lol. I still see u in cc fyi <~~ tada!

    @eagle- and why couldnt they add a full length pvp element to this event?? not everyone of us wanna be stuck in stupid event rotations.
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