No Hit Restrictions Day/Week

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by TankedTheMlLICIOUSMurderer, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. @grizzy I agree, but it's a bit of fun for a day.
  2. @saberwulf yeah I'm gonna grind to BC so I can successfully hit you aren't I. :claps:
    And it's for 1 DAY not forever
  3. This is exactly what SkinnyMinny does and that's why she gets those reactions.
  4. U Es 2 hurdcur cun meh b u?
  5. Gets laughed at by everyone for dropping build?
  6. So you wanna remove hit restrictions for one day to fail on someone that annoyed you? Yes, you're definitely the smart one :lol: Grow and pin them so you might actually annoy them.
  7. K fair enough.
  8. Lol yep
  9. Makes your IQ drop? Idk if u have an IQ to drop.
  10. Build your account up and earn the right to hit bigger players.
  11. 
  12. @Drunk, not anymore. Read to much of his posts
  13. Every day i think today is going to be the day i dont see the dumbest thread ever in forums...sadly because of you that day was not today.
  14. lol
  15. It would be a half decent idea if I could be bothered going in depth more
  16. I would support OP, but whoever want to do so will need to pay 2000 nobs for one day of restriction free hitting. Restriction is removed for the payer to hit others and free for others to hit payer.
  17. Sounds good although I can hit LB anyways.

    Dropped a few succesful scouts and failed scouts sometimes.

    Yesterday I even fail stealed Cella.
    I didnt even receive no inc!
    I suppport this idea on the grounds of supporting it.
  18. KAW Dev 100% confirmed.
  19. This guy likes to cheer kotfe on from the Sidelines before they go to war.

    This guy lives for making top plunder.

    This guy opens for events to build his losses so it appears he does more than hit epics.

    This jerks opinion doesn't count
  20. No suprise