No certain future.

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  1. @Kaw_Admin, of all the changes you guys are and will be implementing, I think the biggest one is what you're doing now. Interacting. We like have our questions and concerns answered (some of them :p). Seeing some positivity on this thread where you have responded and answered things leads me to believe while the changes and features are important, it's also important that you give is little tidbits of information beforehand so we can voice concerns or issues. Please continue to interact with us. Get kaw_com, kaw, heck even kaw_creative here on threads all the time to answer and interact with us. Things might be a little different when new things are put forth.
  2. I totally understand. All I can do is try to win back you trust one launch/feature/conversation at a time.
  3. That's not a business wise idea. Complaints help you correct issues that numbers may not show.

    Now we should all be less hostile, me included, but it's a war game and farming is fun :p
  4. We'll do our best, that's a balance too. Every moment I spend on here is time I could be spending getting things built. But yes, we can do better, it's important to me and our team to do so.
  5. We all miss kaw_creative. Tell him to stop playing S.M.A.S.H. And to troll us some time.
  6. Yup. Farming is fun.
  7. Lol at guy that brought roadmap up. Dont. Just dont. Biggest fail ive seen in kaw
  8. When will then be now?

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Kaw is fairly unique for many reasons, and the biggest is, despite agendas, is how passionate a large part of the community is for this game.

    I played a MMO for 6+ years in the days before smart phones, and the #1 reason why it tanked was the poor interaction of the development team with the players, and everything was always shrouded in mysterous and cryptic announcements when seldom they came.

    Please keep up the positive work, thank you.
  9. I wasn't complaining about it. I was stating I understand why kaw_admin won't give details or a timeline with current updates
  10. Hopefully the next update will blow people's mind and have us dancing in the streets.
  11. It's great to see so much red on here. I'm glad that there is a great deal of feedback. Perhaps every couple of months you should launch a Q and A thread where people can post questions (possibly a Google docs link) and a week or so later kaw_community can feedback responses.

    This would be a great way to increase the community to dev interaction.
  12. All pure estimations
  13. Hopefully the "rebalancing" changes some things. As of right now the new upgrades will take, a build my size, months to achieve for a single one. It's not just about practicing the new war format its about adjusting builds to be effective in the new format. This takes much longer to correct than changing strategies. When the time comes, please release some beta tests so we can try our this new format consequence free.
  14. But accurate estimates
  15. Im just here for the new look.

    ...Looks the same as it did 3 years ago
  16. ""A week ago I looked back at the feather event there was at least 50k people participating however if you add all the levels up(which this might be the amount of participants is around 70k ).""

    Sorry not good with the quoting thing I guess xD anyways I loved the feather event! It took lots of KaW hours to get a decent banner and rewards. I would love to see more events like that implemented in our game. Or even the bee hive event was good but these "collect all 4 items events" I mean *HTE's* events stink/:

    Mr.KaW I ask u these few things;
    1. Make more reward teirs (free ones and LB rankings)
    2. Maybe have ebs move around and drop really high ones. Like say Haunt drops 100 during its high time an a HTE drops 75. Mix the ebs up.
    3.make pvp worth it to get into for both free players and paying players.. 50 skulls come on man...
    4. I just downloaded smash and I would like to see daily rewards for KaW too:) maybe a nob, xtal, agua,inferno, crux chests. Nothing major
  17. Ty, this is all I need to say and I'm reassured 
  18. Great idea!
  19. What do you mean advertising again? Why would you stop in the first place?
  20. This looks good. I ***** and complain a lot. But I am fair and will give the benefit of the doubt. I'm curious about the change in season and hope it's something that stimulates activity and makes wars more inclusive. I'll take a wait and see approach on what it is you have to bridge the gap.

    Please don't make fools of us like you did with the roadmap. You got us all hype and then nothing really changed outside of some cosmetic stuff.