No certain future.

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  1. In the last 6 months, our metrics (including number of daily players) have improved, as we have focused more resources on the game.
  2. Define what you see as mids?
    And will the bridge be a payout increase or something paid for?
  3. Reset and try that for that resurrection badge. Seriously, reset so we know you're upset with the game.
  4. You can look up metrics for the game from dozens of websites that track these things...
  5. I know a lot of players, especially PvP and OSW players that are stressed out and ready to quit this game, some have already left.

    But what are your numbers up from?

    Up from a week ago?
    A month ago?
    A year ago?
    Two years ago?

    It's hard to believe that numbers are up from two years ago to be honest with you.

    Edit** you answered with 6 months.

    That and the PvP mechanics are messed up. How does a 23mcs player even have a chance against a 93mcs player in a PvP event?

    I am not trying to be a pain. Just asking questions and stating concerns.

    The events are fine and dandy though with the higher builds, the PvP mechanics (dealing with gap players) and the demolished ally market puts the game in a bad bubble.

  6. It will be a *rebalance* that should allow more incremental progress, without affecting progress of current players. It's not a payout increase or a price reduction. If I say anymore, I'll get torn to shreds, both by kaw_com and by players. Even the words I've said already will likely be twisted and used against me. But I appreciate you staying on topic.

    EDIT: words for clarity
  7. As I stated above, in the last 6 months, we've put more resources into the game and our metrics are up.
  8. I edited my post, you answered the time issue while I was writing.
  9. Since ur still on thread kaw answer this plz bc it made no sense to me whatsoever

    If ur trying to decrease the gap. Why in the hell did u release over 1T ug before halving hf. Im honestly amazed u catered to the super large prob 5% b4 helping mids which is prob 80% of ur players
  10. (Colored part in quote is what I am talking about)

    That is an interesting idea. I like the not cutting prices on the builds.
    My only question is, for players who can't spend much, will it cut down on the time it takes to build complete?

    That is the biggest issue with these new lands is how long it takes to LCBC. Mainly because it makes it impossible to compete and it may run off a lot of new and mid build users.

    Though I am glad to see there is a possible change.
  11. Rusty and I just had a reasonable exchange on the forums...

  12. Kaw stay on topic! :p
  13. I believe they thought that the 50% plunder increase in free EB's would satisfy the masses and help the mid-build players. Though after having an outrage in the game, they probably learned that it was two little of a help for the players to appreciate. Mainly because of the Gap builds vs the mid builds and the time to become battle complete still did not make since to the players.
  14. I know right! I'm shocked too!

    But this exchange is more for the community and longevity of the Game. ;)

    And cussing, crying, and trolling you gets nothing done. I am simply curious as well as invested about the future of Kaw.

  15. That's a complicated question. ...ahhhhh. I can't say anymore without putting myself in an untenable situation. I hope you can appreciate that. We'll have more details soon but until we have a confirmed release, I'm very apprehensive to say anymore. It always comes back to bite me when I do.
  16. @kaw_admin - And how soon is "soon"? :)
  17. That's a loaded question. We are trying to cater to everyone.

    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

    We're constantly updating the game, talking to player both on forums and in feedback, mods, beta testers etc, and trying to make the game better. It's balancing act for sure.All of our players are highly invested and we want to do our best to make everyone happy.
  18. I'm not falling for that trick again. :p

  19. It was December of 2013 that the Devs released a road map and you blurted out that you guys was working on War Crystals. You said that it would happen by February of 2014.

    In late February you said that there was no way you could implement the War Crystals for many reasons, some dealt with coding and others was because of bugs.

    You caught so much hell from that and people remember the promise not the reason why you couldn't do it.

    In short, I completely understand not wanting to give out to much information because your ideas may not work and it has bit you in the ass. Hell, some people are still throwing the road map in your face.

    I hope that you understand though, the community will generally not buy into a positive change, especially one that helps the mid-build players and the new players, until they actually see it.

    Thanks for your time, mate.
  20. @kaw_admin please ignore these whiners and complainers and just continue with the good work you are doing for the future. Lol