Nine years

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  1. Since it has been nine years since kaw launched it would be fitting to for the kaw community to share there favorite stories from over the years. Since i stated i started I was in the original mercs legion and started became a part of the most feared clan of zaft where most of you know how have been playing awhile know of the 2 year ows that broke up zaft it was quite fun share below.
  2. Obviously your favourite kaw story was meeting me . Let’s not pretend those other things are above me ...
  3. My most memorable was when the ahdragos made his line in the sand thread and the major clans in kaw (chaos, voodoo, zaft. Foxes, ig, and many other huge and many small clans) warred with eachother, it was iG and Zaft and all of their allies against Chaos, Foxes and other big clans and their allies. It was a pretty big war.(kotfe didn’t get involved because they were sissies just like nowadays) it destroyed a lot of clans but it was fun.
    I don’t remember all the specifics it was a while ago but it was definitely one of kaw’s world wars.
  5. Getting on my account USbadgolfer and have my allies stripped and all my money gone because someone in my clan had annoyed the wrong clan. Those were the days....
  6. I remember the old clan wars that went against clan vs clan not ows when they would get out of control
  7. When chongo said goodbye 
  8. Going onto Pal in 2010 to join the kaw group. SO much drama.
  9. Who was the person that got stripped for like 4q again? That was funny

  10. I’d have to agree with that. That was friggin awesome !!
  11. I miss the old days of cc in modern republic  best moment out of many was santos v zaft tears ago - santos lost by 1 hit 
  12. Zig war was awesome where we met many great friends in the hollow . Hairball changing name to Lronmichael was a hoot 
  13. My favourite story is when Twicc destroyed YAFAILS by himself. Twicc is my hero. I remember once upon a time when YAFAILS intimidate KAW community to removed Do No Hire on banners or be strip. Most KAW shaking their knees and removed do not hire on banners except harb and cella.
    YAFAILS ego went too big they tried to intimidate a poodle loving Viking. Twicc the poodle loving Viking learn the tricks of YAFAILS and used it against them. This is the start of the end of YAFAILS era. A couple of years later in war YAFAILS over 137 knows accounts disappeared and deleted Twicc the legend destroyed YAFAILS

  14. AmieAngel? I miss her... but I have her icetail 
  15. Participating in the rancor wars as part of the worms was the most fun and memorable.
  16. Nine years... I think that's enough now.
  17. Favorite time, the first wars with Fox and iG. Greatest time in the game when there wasn’t gold inflation and stats weren’t insane. Before system wars before EBs. Just good old fashioned pvp
  18. The old Marc trains from Marc legion were fun especially when it was thought it was impossible to win but we would win the eb