NFL score picking contest. 40 xtal giveaway!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Moose2, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. 21-17 Seattle

    Seattle's defence will prove to strong for the lions
  2. Seahawks 28-14 gunna be a easy win for Seahawks as they have a decent attack
  3. 31-17 Seattle

    Lions defence will not hold out for long.
  4. 42-17 Seattle. The Seahawks are a good defensive team and with a great beef jerky ad guy the win is in the bag. I also no little about football but why not geuss
  5. Seattle 21 -20
    Neither team great offensively, Seattle to win by a whisker.
  6. Seahawks win 33-24 because they have can chancellor whos a dawg
  7. Lions win 33-24 because their defense will get four picks cuz russel Wilson is overrated
  8. seahawks 24
    Lions 21

    both teams seem to be having a bad season so far however both have similiar styles. I think the seahawks defense is a bit better then the lions is why i think they will win
  9. 19-14 Seattle - neither team is what they should be at this point imho, but Seattle is definitely better and showed last year they can turn it around.
  10. Seattle win 34-22 because Seattle needs to win this game or I'll be mad lol and the lions aren't doing that good in my opinion
  11. Lions 24 Seahawks 20

    Lions desperately need a win. Seahawks will be without Lynch. Detroit should take advantage of this.
  12. Lions 27 Seahawks 24

    Stafford leads his team on a game winning drive to shock the Seahawks at home.
  13. Seattle: 31

    The lions' defense can't handle the powerful, yet underrated, offense
  14. Seattle 38 Detroit 17

    Taking moose picks and Seattle should go wham on the horrible defense lions now.
  15. Lions will win 17-6. Seahawks have the most overrated offense in the game they will get stuffed
  16. Seahawks win 17-6 because their defense will score two touchdowns and even kick a field goal lmao
  17. 37-14 Seattle

    Seattle will run all over the lions
  18. 42-14 Seattle

    Lions defence is one of the worst
  19. 34-17 Seattle
    Even without lynch, the lions have an awful defense. Seattle should roll the lions.
  20. The Lions will show up like they did against san diego in the first half and keep things closer than expected. Im pulling for an upset monday night with the Lions winning 28 - 24
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Not open for further replies.