NFL score picking contest. 10'xtal give away

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Moose2, Sep 13, 2015.

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  1. Bears 24 Packers 21.
    1st game of the season can always provide an upset. Go Bears!
  2. Bears 28-21 cuz da bears r da best. Yeah yeah jay cutler might not be the best but we got that new guy kevin white. Right? Ehh still bears gonna win
  3. Packers 24
    Bears 22

    packers have had some injury issues, and may see more. But unless Rodgers goes down,the packers win. I think new Bears coaches players will give green bay new looks they werent prepared for. Which will keep it close.
  4. packers 26 bears 14
    because moose said the packers should win.
  5. It will be 27-10 Green Bay
    Second guess
    21-13 Green Bay
  6. Bears win 15-13

    I don't know if that scores even possible.

    I'm a sucker for the underdog and after all I've read think the packers will not be ready for a fight, but for a training session.
  7. Greenbay wins 38-17
    They have a dominant offense lead by a high scoring quarterback. Bears will score some because of home advantage but won't get much yards.
  8. Packers 27-17

    Game opener and nobody really knows what to expect. Tight game but Greenbay pulls ahead with dominant offense against a not so good bears team.
  9. Bears 24, packers 17. Rodgers gets hurt in the first quarter, and cutler exploits Clay Matthews inability to do anything but rush the passer. Forte and Bennett gooff, Alshon puts up two touchdowns and Jared Allen reverts to his normal level of play. Most importantly of all, the Packers can devour excrement and cease living.
  10. Bears:6
    Packers: 35

    Lacy has over 120yrds rushing and 2 TD's
  11. What will Cutler do? What he does best throw picks and get his coaching staff fired.
  12. 33-20 Packers

    Rodgers is 12-3 against the Bears, and Chicago hasn't had a balanced defense in a few years. Rodgers and the Packer will easily exploit the Bears defense.

    Cutler is okay but he is no Aaron Rodgers.
  13. Packers 28 Bears 10
    Cutler hasn't got the backing of the management or confidence of the lockeroom.


    Packers 27 Bears 16
  14. Packers:24-10
    Reason:Matt Forte may get a good rush or 2, but Jay Cutler just doesn't get lucky.
  15. Bears 20-14

    Matt Forte get's a few break out plays in, and their defense makes the right stops.
  16. Packers 24- 6

    Offence is strong, defence will do the job against the bears
  17. Packers win, 24-17

    Reason: Jay Cutler is a scrub, they have no big time receivers either or running backs that r good
  18. Packers 24-13

    With a weakened receiver corps Green Bay won't score as high as they could.
  19. Packers

    Because bears suck and packers have won 8 of the past 9 games played against the bears
  20. Bears 31 Packers 27

    Figured most picked the Packers cause they are the favorite and will probably win. But it is the first game of the season.. anything can happen.. and it's in Chicago.
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