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  1. I want the new levels out... and i ent anywhere near BC or anything lol, i just want more tower stats lol
  2. I'd prefer a new EE season over a new promo.
  3. TR1 has still completely avoided my point on him complaining to be "bored" with all the money he makes, yet he is a complete fairy. Stop asking for new lands because you're bored. Maybe try hitting real players rather than Apheriun.

    And if I'm a laughing stock in the game, you 100% are too. But please, continue to gloat about you helping KaW with your money. And in reality, for every $500 you spend, there's 300 little guys spending $5, yet they aren't pounding their chest in forums.

    Also you seem to be the only player who brags about doing KaW a favour with your spending habits. And u ain't even a significant LB player. Or a significant player of any sorts, actually.
  4. I'd prefer a free cookie
  5. Looking for a sugar daddy / mommy to bankroll my need for hte

    Am willing to travel :)
  6. This, but I would also like some crystals please :3
  7. Shhhhhh we don't need another event
  8. I'd prefer to Jello wrestle with Kate Upton

  9. Eb fairy? I did more EE wars in a year than you ever did in 4 years.

    Some people prefer EE wars, others OSW, some do just ebs.

    My real life busy schedule sets what I can do in KaW: some EE wars, some ebs. I tried OSW, my RL schedule would not allow me to participate fully.
    OSW is very demanding and is not suitable for part time players like myself.

  10. Jello is yummy.
  11. Tr1 should be forum banned
  12. Anyone have her number?
  13. EE war is not war. And you don't need to be in an "OSW" to participate in PvP. I'm not in any war clan, but I still hit and get hit. Why don't you try that? Browse the battle list if you're so bored. PvP is not just clan OSW's.
  14. EE is maybe worse than eb lol
  16. Love the butthurt noobs saying ee isn't war because they were bad at it
  17. EE is doing what your wc tells you. You cant be bad
  18. Ee is a team effort, a team can be bad.
  19. when the event eb drop double or triple gold or equip back again?
    after devs launch hte, then no event for double or triple drop again for other eb.
  20. Team is made by wc