New We are Rogue Banter thread.

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Semzz, Feb 28, 2017.

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  1. I'm not dirty devil . Dirty has been with me since conception of DKoD. Even the other side knows who she is . We've fought along side of apoc in the past. Yet this is coming from you . The one that said in WC that in from Germany. Yeah more like Zimbabwe. Maybe that's closer to where I live. Keep showing your lack of knowledge. I love seeing you make a fool of yourself . Keep up the good work. Maybe you should go read some Nancy Drew books. That way you can maybe figure out how to actually investigate.
  2. yes i do love to read and expand my knowledge. i am currently engrossed in a novel called " The life & times of the 40 Watt'ers and how to defeat their biggest fear ".
  3. 
  4. At least our brains sparks some watts. Yours , well everyone on kaw can see you must've been hit with an EMP. Great idea , go stick your tongue in a light socket. Could be the spark you need!

  5. Make sure you remove the lampshade first, it tends to get in the way.
  6. O dang Roni living rent free in these guys head 
  7. this is tff, the leech is so easy to bait, this is gonna be an awsome album!
  8. You are mad corny. You sound like a social worker. That's all.
  9. Not the social worker insult, why u gotta hurts my feels brah 
  10. Now you are butthurt about social workers? What happened in your life to make you this way. ;)
  12. I will publicly apologize drgn because you seem sincere in what you said pertaining to locking the other thread. I may have jumped to a conclusion based on facts, but what you said made sense, the thread was gone far off topic. I had made a post stating that it was fine with me that it was going on, but in hindsight realized it didn't really matter because I wasn't the op and the thread did have a topic and we were far off from it.

    I appreciate that you nor any other mods have made a stink about this thread. I'm trying to just keep it factual and fun to read at the same time. Thanks ;)
  13. They can't all be winners, it's just what came to mind at the time. ;)
  14. puns lies too much.
  15. nice try ash , trying to bully me to impress bootsy but you failed .
  16. So much attention and detective work :/ Keep it up, maybe one day you'll get something right through all these delusional and made up statements.

    Maybe it's a good thing you "quit kaw" because it seems like this game is messing with your mental ability to determine what's made up and what's fact. Seek some help, kaw idiot :roll:
  17. Nice! Support! 
  18. Where did I lie ? I only said my banner didn't say that anymore . So no lies. You are just a slow snail .
  19. Shut up Roni.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.