New War Round Type

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  1. This type of war was the same as before charms except roster size. Anyway tks for trying, hope is fun, next time pls announce it before to build up ally stats, a few may need a promo rush
  2. Ok, the war is nice but why my ally don’t help me on drop event items on eb!?!? With new drop rate I can’t finish any legends!!! I’m fall from 25k event items to less than 7k! Why ata developers don’t adjust this ?? It’s because it’s an adjustment that don’t give you money?!?
  3. There should be a charm burrowing community so the ppl with rares can participate in wars. Standard collateral system perhaps devs can implement a rule where if both ppl plainly agree in pm to terms then if and when the lender backs out it can be reversed. This would put another pool of ppl into wars and make things fairer.
  4. Agree
  5. Thanks, can we add eq stats tho
  6. Support this, the red colour usually indicates negative and green indicates something positive. Plz go back to making it green and red
  7. Well well well, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to eh. This will change top 10 for one thing. Guess we all content with the game now huh ladies... Now I can sell all my charms. If this is the change devs made after all the crying then congrats and hats off to all those who made it possible to focus on this instead of other aspects of the game. Now you can reign supreme again..... Just during certain time slots. Check my banner for updates on when I'll be selling charms off and retiring. It's been an honor Kaw
  8. I think its a good effort to now introduce wars without charms, however I think 30 people is way too much. Not that many people cast for wars around the same teir if you will. It will make it difficult for either lb players and smaller players to enjoy wars, as smaller ones will be used as divers and the bigs will be easily taken down... So will we test our builds, or how fast we can plunder in such an amount of time?
  9. Really? They are changing it so 1/3 instead of 1/2 of wars include charms and you call it quits?
  10. Agreed. Please update.
  11. Lol this is the problem charms caused. Players relying on charms to war. This was the aspect of the game that got completely ruined by charms so yes it did need to be focussed on.

    Now war can (almost) go back to who can actually war instead of who has the biggest bank account
  12. So much support, massive boner rn.
  13. Devs please be open to the criticism, suggestions, and ideas offered by us and implement them ASAP. If you do nothing, you might as well stick to creating these furnishing events.
  15. Maybe this will revamp the war community
  16. Hey Kawmunity,

    There's been a lot of talk of improving wars, and tons of different suggestions... I hope you all like it, but I'm open to feedback!


    Winston what a clever boy!

    This will give ally LB their mojo back!

    Charmers get to keep their 'invincible' status...

    and there's LL for the huge vs tiny level playing field.

    Well played!!

    Don't you all see... it's something for all!?

    Now fix the lowland scout wars (exploit) and we have a solid fun system.

  17. I like the sound of this war system. Can you also give more stats on Miths Equip or additional High stats Miths Equip..? So others can be motivated to participate more in war not just in events.
  18. We will see if this thing works ty for listening

  19. Agreed! New Exclusive War equipment is long overdue. We need something Beyond just estoc Edge and Mith to chase for victories. Also please please please please please please please , no event items for losing! Let's stop the ffa nonsense. If you want it, work for it! 
  20. New war is great but 30 in team i doubted it, it will be mismatch again unless many people will war and will cover up, bring back the war equip so all will participate