New War Rewards!

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  1. With announcing that drop rate you really are showing how unlucky some people actually might be lol,, make them un-tradable! Require effort and participation in wars the main focus. If pve players think it’s unfair, “welcome to life” :)
  2. In fairness it gives war players a good way to earn charms if people really want chests.
  3. Not rlly. People will war alts to get chests and soon enough they wont be worth anything
  4. I got 50 aqua from most expensive chest 
  6. Possible to clean up the marketplace and make it easier to navigate? Its turning into a complete mess.

  7. So I sent help ticket and response was crap then was closed so can’t say sorry
  8. So basically players got get war starter pack if want daily sales 
  9. Players should still be getting the regular daily sales for 30 minutes, but once that 30 minute period ends, the starter pack would show up again.
  10. Winston as loyal supporter of ATA can you drop me chests with equipment on it on my next war :)

  11. You’ll get an augmenter medal and you’ll like it
  12. Please tidy up the marketplace, not used friendly
  13. Make them untradeable. Be proactive and avoid exploitation so you’re not always in a reactive position to fix things. You know how this goes. Do it now before you ruined this for yourself and everyone else.
  16. Not try to spam, but imo by allowing trading of chests its really just a gold sink for lb players. Lb players have the alts, acess to charms/farms, and or the gold or $ to actually pay for these things. If you let trading happen you are eventually going to wind up with lbs having stacks to open at leisure to bank and what not.
    Also they will be rather worthless. Obviously the 10T chests will be in shorter supply but theres already alts in the top 100 and top 50(you can argue top 10 aswell but that's still consistent effort and somewhat deserving). But To deny alts in top 50-100 is idiotic

    The point is allowing things to be traded leads to exploitation. Why let people who dont war have war equiptment. As you have said. If you want the rewards, you have to put in the effort( paraphrasing your statement about changing drop rates in ebs, with respect to a higher cap for higher stats).

    Dont go all hypocritical on me winston. Thanks
  17. Well I didnt get my daily sale like I always do... Kept getting this stupid war sale... which is a waste of $5.. lesson learned...
  19. Players still have to have the cash to open them, and still need to actually do wars (or buy packs) to upgrade them (the medal of the four jewels requires victory pennants). The equipment is significantly better when upgraded. I like to think that players being able to get some of this equipment early on can help players grow, as well as get new players interested in wars. I will be paying close attention to how many players war!
  20. Also the chests drop randomly on wars. Doesn’t matter if you are active or just here to get few actions. It will encourage players to cast as many alts as possible to get a larger number of chests