New User Starter Package

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  1. Stats pulled outta thin air
  2. An ATA founder said himself in an interview that the retention rate for new players is about 3% after a month of joining.

    Sure, the retention rate may be higher for these guys with the package and having friends play. I think this is the devs checking out ways to improve retention rates.
  3. Thx for that tidbit..3% is a gain
  4. curious to know, did that gaw badge come with a little starter gold?
    well... night terror, you're not a big fan of the starter package?

    i understand if this might have just become a little awkward for you, but any chance you want to give that 25b, 10xtals, and free ll back?
  5. Support... except for the 25 lands unlock, that's too generous imo. 2x cash bonus n 10 xtals on start would be a great permanent addition to kaw for new players to get going.
  6. Why is giving LL too generous?
  7. because there is an opinion by some that it should take new players just as long to complete ll as it did for them.
  8. What some people got for being loyal is thay achievement about 2 months ago 
  9. Now devs are just giving stuff away...
    More money for them when those little guys grow
  10. What advantages do I get. This account was just started. I had to work getting my lands. Now everyone gets them free. Surly people with the new spell should be rewarded.
  11. No support for the lowland:\
  12. I hate you.
  13. Thankyou devs, this is good imo, inflation is bad in allie market
  14. come on guys let's share it on Facebook

    772 shares now of 1000 necessary
  15. Share away I need those glasses!
  16. This 50$ pack pre or post price hike?
  17. One thing about playing a game is its more fun if you are winning. LC's USED to be attainable. Now new lands and tier upgrades are being released so fast casual players have no hope of it. I think that is the most serious problem for long time players like me. At my rate of investment of time and money, I'll never LC.

    Sure give away the lowlands, that doesn't bother me. But the new players still need a billion gold at 1-10m a click to retain an ally.
  18. $50 is still worth $50 :p actually it is worth more now cuz inflation :geek:
  19. When two players purchase your account back and forth to boost it's value and make you money. It helps with Bonus From Allies to whom ever owns your account