new update sucks.

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  1. This new update sucks. It completely cleared my news tabs. And everything is so much smaller! I feel like I’m back on the iphone4. Fix this!
  2. I personally enjoy this. on my phone settings I even make text smaller. It’s more compact and feels comfortable to me.
  3. I agree. I’ve got the iPhone 6 Plus and now it’s like looking at old iPhone 3! Think it must be a glitch as I’m going to need glasses at this rate!
  4. They tell me this is what they intended. I think it’s awful and hope they will reconsider.
  5. Yes they said this is what they intended the game to look like  nicer cleaner look lol.
    They don’t care that we will go blind. If you guys don’t want insanely small font , better complain cause this is not a glitch and it won’t be changed
  6. Hey folks! We really appreciate your feedback in regards to the new look! Feel free to share screenshots of how the game looks on your screens. This will be very viable to our designers!

  7. I’m unsure of how to send screenshots on forums.

    So. The buttons are tiny (especially on iPhone X) you have to really stretch to reach certain areas.

    Warring is now horrible. One slightly miss touch and you’ve either missed your chance to dump or you’ve gone somewhere you don’t want to

    The load up screen is too big

    The set up before was a lot better imo
  8. Just upload it to any image sharing service and post a link here. You can use tag [​IMG]
  10. The words are too small. I can hardly see anything. I am not young and this is definitely bad.
  11. Idk I like it better and I’m using IPhone Xs. I like being able to see more. Less scrolling.
  12. Caster, ever heard of "react"? While I agree there was a display issue on newer phones, but one designs UI and it "reacts", i.e., displays according to one's device. C'mon man, this is built in to the code base and is a basic principle of design. Fix the damn UI!
  13. And I did send in 2 SS and received the same answer Anna stated earlier. Gonna eventually need binoculars to play this game.
  14. Kinda like it tbh 
  15. It’s awful.
  16. I hate it. Can’t see I have old eyes at this rate I’m gonna be blind... I can’t see wc cc or ca it’s taken joy out of playing seriously put it back the way it was. Plz or buy us all glasses?!
  17. This hurts my eyes change back or i cant play kaw due vision issues for a fun silly tap game not mention get mirgrain.

    Also on this note what u thinking modern phone brocks bigger than 90's old bricks so why make it smaller on super sized screens always getting bigger ilogical
  18. I love the resolution. I didn’t like how before it seemed really “zoomed in”. Now it feels like my screen is much bigger and I can see and fit a lot more in. Thank you!
  19. Unfortunately I’m an old man and so my eyesight isn’t what it was. If I could still read tiny text then I’d think the update was great as it does seem to let us see more.

    Are you able to make the text in the new app scaleable?
  20. Usually don’t have many actual issues with updates but the text/button size complaints of being too small fall in line with my own concerns