New Spy Buildings

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  1. This thread is to discuss the possibility of having spy buildings like troop buildings. Such as an attack oriented, a balanced, and defense oriented spy building. There already are balanced spy buildings and spy defense towers, but other spy buildings would be nice, just an idea looking forward to feedback.
  2. No support. I think this would be a waste of time
  3. I agree that it would make things more interesting.
  4. It would be interesting
  5. Devs would never do this. Spy buildings were not meant to have as big of an effect as they do now so why would they boost spies even more? Not going to happen
  6. Been mentioned before
  7. i think it would be a good idea
  8. interesting idea.

    But no support.

    The problem is, they would have to take something away, and give something else something.

    tbh, you really can't do anything different with different builds, unless you plan on copying the atk build format.

    But that would mean add an extra 2 assassinates, an extra half a steal, and an extra 4 scouts to the spy building's we already have. Because that's how even atk builds work, that's how spy builds should work.

    In the end, it would be too much work, and would cause system crashes (possibly. It truly depends on how extensive this change actually is.)

    It would be easier if there weren't already 3 types of spy builds out already. They did what they did with attack builds because they came out one at a time, and it was much easier to handle.

    However, you have 3 tiers of spy builds now, and there is more to do with spy than attack (you have 3 options for spy, therefore meaning change 3 different functions 9 different times). This would take upwards of 3 years, assuming they even considered this, because they will have much, much more on there priority list than this. By that point, there may be even MORE spy builds, therefore making it even MORE complicated.

    So, as interesting as it would be, you get no support from me.
  9. ^ Sounds right to me
  10. Mooses idea, i still support it. Though now, its kind of too late.
  11. Developers would NEVER approve it.
  12. I made a thread on this same length... Got locked in 5 minÓźĎ but suppoorrrtttt
  13. Support for the millionth time.
  14. lol someone agreeing with Ash? shocking :shock: