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  1. Hello guys, I just had an idea of how about a new spell in the mithril shop that boosts gold earned or that reduces the troops lost while attacking eb or a person.

    Thanks guys just saying my opinion if u guys support please say support
  2. It would instantly become the most used spell in KaW. Interesting idea. The boost would have to be small so as to keep low tier EBs from paying out like premiums. On the flip side, it would make EE wars more popular. If you play your cards right and you win they can be a good source of mith
  3. They can keep a high price like 6 or 7 miths. Preferably more than 6 as we can buy only 6 in a day. This would slow down the usage by a little but thats the best i can think of now
  4. Warring & PvP give decent Myth (PvP with Spawned War Spell creates Myth) so even if its above 6, anyone with basic knowledge and build can use it.

    I like it. Needs more detail, but Full support.
  5. And if it is kept at higher mith then peeps will go to war too so its a win-win situation.
  6. Exactly. I say make it cost 15 like Unholy Aura, and you have a good placement for this new spell.
  7. what are you saying? Like a reverse "unholy Aura" where every attack has a 50% chance to earn extra plunder (maybe 25%) I think it's a good way to burn mithril, if it lasts an hour but don't compete with crux chests as far as amount of plunder

  8. I mean like crux chests but in spells so u get 75% plunder for an hour for 15 miths. That sounds good to me.
  9. Or u get the less troops lost spell which makes u lose less trops meaning more attacks per unload.
  10. I'm all for spending mithril, let's go

  11. We don't need more gold boosting spells. Crux are more than enough of a boost.
  12. But what if u want to save up the crux chest , however it is a good substitute and dont forget the other spell which lessons the troops used per attack which leads to more attacks.
  13. Back in my day we didn't have this fancy spells. We had good ole plunder Wars and other such activities that ruined the game
  14. Full support
  15. I vote for cashing 1 mithril = 1t gold. Makes life easier.
  16. Make it 10 tril and I'll support this wonderful idea
  17. Support
  18. Two spells one spell reduces your gold but decrease troops usage to get more actions in ( more damage on eb) other reduces actions but highly increase your gold ( works when ebs goes fast like b2b hte
  19. your posts hurt my eyes

  20. What we need is ally plunder boost not new spells