New Season 4 Additions

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  1. New Ideas for Season Wars:

    -All who do Indy and Primal Wars, receive back any crystals that they used
    (This, will ensure that everyone crystals)

    Future Additions:
    -See who crystalled on your Clan
    -See who crystalled on the opposite Clan

    -Trackers (Add trackers. For Example player A wants to be a tracker for any Indy Clan War, this option of choosing to be a tracker should post them on a Clan whom needs a Tracker)

    -War Commanders also known as WC, same thing applies. (For Example, an Indy War Clan needs a War Commander, they should be posted on the clan that needs one)

    (If all War Commander and Tracker posts were taken, they will be placed into any clan as any regular player would.)

    -Indy Wars, will stay with one medallion and receive a boost on mith


    -Indy Wars, will receive two medallions and receive no boost on mith

    -Indy Wars, schedule should be 6am, 6pm, 9pm.(Pacific Time)
    -(Most of us have lives, we work some go to college, other high school any other school) This seem like reasonable times, which if implemented lots of players will start doing Indy Wars
  2. you know that if you get a xtal refunded, devs make no profit and that renders ee useless for them
  3. Jeesh 6 wars a day now and people still not happy with times lol

    Some of us trackers and wc do indies cause we want a break 
  4. Agree Vix n not ur not cryin for handouts neither.
  5. OP. Why should times suit Pacific time more than others? You have to understand that they have to try and accommodate ALL timezones, not just yours. So stop your crying.
  6. 1. Devs wouldn't make any money

    2. Don't see the purpose in that due to the hit success rate being the tell tell signs. Indi wars is about for people who can't or don't want to spend and just want to have fun, you are given the option to xtral or not. Devs can't force you to xtral. So you can't have ago at anyone who didn't xtral for indi wars. It's a different story for primal though :p

    3 4 would tell people what tactics the other team is going for and if they shouldn't war what so ever because of a certain tracker being terrible or a waring against one of the best wc (yes I have over blown that part but you see the point)
  7. 1) It was a simplistic idea

    2) Why Pacific Time?
    (Reason being, there times are in Pacific Time already)

    3) Alright, maybe the crystal refund option was not that good of an idea. But, if it were it would be great. Although, it will probably not sincere it won't generate lots of revenue during the long haul.
  8. ^ My response. To some questions addressed.
  9. Why do you want to know who crystaled? So they can be singled out for future wars and farmed?
  10. Support but for the "see who xstalled" it should be only after war to see who did
  11. Also xtals arent a requirement to war

    Actually look at the 3 war systems we have available - then flashback to the chaos of season 3 - so so many improvements
  12. Ive always n still support being able to see who xstalled. At least in ur own clan. Too many wars only an xstal or 2 away
  13. OP, interesting thought about the tracker and WC options -- but how do you stop somene who thinks they are a great WC/Tracker (but are not really) from casting this option--or worse yet, a troll who wants to screw up a match for someone else?

    The xtal idea is intresting. Would provide proof that someone didn't xtal when they claim they did, or prevent others from saying someone failed to xtal when in reality the other team simply ate their xtal.


  14. Alright, good point. Crystalling in War is not mandatory. Yet, it would be nice (For only Clan Members to see who Crystalled after, the War is over).
  15. Nighthawk is on every single darn thread.  I think every war should be 2 medals. If you take the time outta your day to prep and war (2 hours) you should get compensated. Yeah, indys suck, but its still time spent warring
  16. Wait Vix u do Indi's to get away from being WC.. i see that's when having to jump up and wc more often due to the lack of wc/trackers out there everyone wants a Win so knowing u can wc and others know u can wc/track u typically get picked for those duties
  17. True, that every War should give 2 Medallions.
  18. @redhotvixen.
    Wcs do these Indy for a break. Haha so true.