New players?

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  1. Hi all. I’ve been gone around 7 years, when I saw the game in the App Store and thought it was a sequel. It’s great to be back, but I’ve noticed WC isn’t anywhere near as active as it used to be. Is this just the way things are now, or has KaW gone through a lull period. I noticed I haven’t seen many new players since I joined again either, mostly just people’s alts. Is that also just the way the game is now?
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  2. Yeah that's just the way it is now. Forums are even worse than the game itself though. Activity is the lowest I've ever seen it
  3. That’s a real shame. I hope the game and forums are able to make a turn around. I remember having a lot of fun just screwing around on the forums when I was a kid.
  4. My personal opinion on this is that EB's kind of killed the social aspect of the game. It's hard for small players to make the same social connections that they used to, because no big clan will ever accept you. It was easier when pwars were a thing, since small players could join in pwars as easily as big players, and since the main point of clans was to prevent farming rather than to grind EBs.
  5. I’m not so sure about that. There tons of small clans that ran lower tier ebs for new players. I was in several. Although, the release of the more highly lucrative ebs may have played a part, but I wouldn’t know. I quit playing around the time equipment became a thing, so the big paying ebs weren’t as lucrative as they are now.
  6. Yeah, but the fact still remains that your clan is determined by your stats rather than your social connections. So if I have a friend on this game with way higher stats than me, then we won't be able to be in the same clan without one of us damaging our growth.
  7. events played a big role in changing the landscape. it’s still an active community of loyal players, WC often is helpful in getting your name out and meeting people. start a convo or join in on one and they can last awhile. The social aspect exists, but i think a lot of it just went to third party apps or those big clans that run big ebs and fast rotations.