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Discussion in 'Activities' started by Snoopy, Jun 5, 2022.

  1. oh hello, i haven’t been here for awhile. this is a new phone so i need to know who you are. please post username and join date and i will determine if you are relevant or not.

    P.S. it’s me, snoopy, for any of the old timers.

    P.S.S. i probably won’t check this after today for like two months but you will be judged at some point.

    P.S.S.S. i miss grant
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  2. Snoopy? Sounds familiar enough to make a comment but not familiar enough for me to care whether you remember me or not
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  3. that’s valid, valid enough for me to say 8/10. we were around at different times i believe. i remember seeing you some when i started becoming a forum nerd, and around the time i stopped playing the game. not so much in the middle.
  4. Anyone that has not been active daily for 10 years is irrelevant!
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  5. invalid due to an unknown person alert. 3/10
  6. Yup, that would be me, an invalid noobs.
  7. Invalids everywhere
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  8. I remember you Snoopy

    KaW needs to give me my 11 year badge
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  9. I'll bite your bait, sure: P.S. is short for post script (after writing, more or less). If you have multiple, it becomes "after the after writing" and not "after writing writing". P. P. S., P. P. P. S., etc

    On that note, etc. is "et cetera" for everyone. Not ecsetera, when spoken aloud
  10. get baited you grammar mid-to late 1930s and early to mid 1940s german!

  11. Hey. I know you now.
  12. Bark BARK
  13. My opinion is still valid and remains unchanged.
  14. your opinion sucks
  15. Who are you?
  16. Posts like this make me want to farm you.... when I grow up to your size... look for me
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  17. :( sorry boo bear i hate to make your stomach turn
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  18. Post full of cringey who are you. As if kaw relevance matters in this dying game
  19. Def something someone who is irrelevant would say. 2/10 relevance.
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  20. still looking
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