New Moderator recruitment time! [APPLICATIONS CLOSED]

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  1. Signed up, bigdog the mod here I come
  2. Hi bigdog ATA devs have long time made their selections already of who they want to be the next new mods, so dont have high hopes about this.:)
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  3. I agree, but hey its worth a shot though
  4. My recommendation to everyone is to answer all questions truthfully. The mod/dev relationship you will develop along with the rest of the mod team will be a very rewarding experience. Best of luck to all of you. See you soon
  5. If tapping the link didn’t work long press like you do for copying ads from pm
  6. It should be.
    Write in a help ticket please if you are still having trouble. :)
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  7. I can't wait to see the new mods are πŸ˜€
  9. This is my 4th time applying for Mod, i hope i have some luck this time, if i get this opportunity i will do my very best in doing all my good works in every aspect of being a mod in the Kaw Community.
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  10. ya its not first ether and I hope you do cause you be a great mod πŸ˜€
  12. thanks we all are gonna need it
  13. I look forward to being added to the mod team.
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  14. When do we get an update?
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  15. I was wondering that myself.
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  16. Yes was wondering the same?!
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  17. Spider for mod because I do love this game.
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  18. Hi I am veri experience.

    Pleaz I beeg you i ned this.
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  19. Kasama's back in forums? 😻
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