New mith items? Worth it?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by TDoG_10, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. New mith items do they do work good or no?
    Any god stats? Tell em plz? Okay. Ty
  2. Too expensive. How many wars to make 1400 mith? And spend a couple hundred more on enchanting. :lol:

  3. Honestly it depends on stats and if u are willing to war frequently

    If you are willing to war frequently, u def want to compare the stats of the equipment - some eb equips can b just as good or better than mith equip. I think it's more worthwhile to invest in equip that have the better stats.

    Personally I wouldn't waste mith on equip that is less than 5m stats better than a compareable eb equip
  4. Statwise, the new gear is barely better than the scrag equips. Only difference is that they're offensive.
  5. I made a thousand mith in 2 days lol.
  6. You were also inactive in S5.
  7. Not all of us are tanks.
  8. Join me before this thread gets locked
  9. I guess you could call that a tank. More like a scumbag drop build. Can't win wars against his bracket so drops down to beat on noobs.
  10. @vlambo have you seen how old that account is/it's equip/it's achievements... He's not a drop build lol
  11. I'm not even a year old, not even hlbc. Haven't unlocked the abyss, I have crap equipment, and I have low based achievements. Oh yeah and I have such a large amount of battle wins. Fear me I'm a build dropper
  12. There's no way he got the plunder to put up nearly 10m in towers with 100k attack. Regardless of how the account was made the point is he's an experienced player who made an account to beat on noobs.
  13. Anyway, checked out this thread to see actual stats on the new eq. Anyone have level 15 enchants yet?
  14. Check kyle2006
  15. Be something better in a event soon enough worth it? No
  16. llllllllllIlllllllIllllIllllll

    Has lvl 15 enchanted gauntlets.
  17. This perfectly answers the thread.