New Lands; Vote Yes or No

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  1. Because we all know it will be based on higher builds sense the plan to bridge gaps at building tokens. Using basic knowledge lets you know it will be the same as the last four land updates.
  2. In another thought, maybe it can be a great gold sink! Put it like token to expand land and token to build, then put something like in the mage, where there are percent succeed. And the percent succeed reduce for higher stat! Respectively a 500m cs should pay something like 1000x times compare to the smaller stat. I know those 500m ppl should be stacked with gold in silver. So they maybe drop stat and build then build all their stat up again. So let's make it that if they reached 500m cs, even if they reduce their stat. The percent chance in the mage stay the same.
    It'll give the new players some kind of a chance to get a huge boost on their grow (or loose it all, its a gamble) and the older-bc players have something to dump their gold on.
    Note that after each fail to forge the token, the price increase (there should be a maximum) but after certain fails they will eventually succeed (lets say 50 times fail ) there's a lot more that can be added to this system.
  3. You can do that with the current builds already in place. Just implement the token to the active lands.

    I would suggest keeping the price the same. It can't be too easy. (Instead of it dropping in price after each fail.

    With that. Have you changed your vote to Yes or are you still no?
  4. No.

    There are greater problems in KaW to deal with first. The introduction of lands (probably ones that aren't tested appropriately first) will only make these problems worse. Or destroy any progress devs might have made.

    I've said this many times and I'll say it again. Constantly catering to the minority only serves to put the majority further and further behind. And that's what the lands do every time.

    I feel new lands are the devs 'go to' feature when they think they need to release something 'new'. It's not a solution to anything. The LB want it isn't a good enough reason (if that is the case) to throw everything else out in the game. The game is in need of either game improvements or something new and fresh.
  5. No, for a beginner to start with we gonna take 2-3 years or more to complete build. Endless of crystal and nobs to complete. More money for Devs. 
  6. No

    How many players are currently BC? About 400. I just don't believe there is a demand.
  7. Definitely a no from me
  8. Not enough people are done building. Making new lands already would push inequality gap even further.
  9. A set of new lands is counter productive. New players won't stay because the game will be way too long to complete, current player not LCBC will most likely lose interest, (I know I already have, I'm just here out of habit) and current leaderboard players will be LCBC within a week after the new land release anyway.

    For those reasons, I vote no.
  10. I would be a no. Reasons being, I don't see a credible way to implement them.if you introduce more lands (diminishing returns taken into account) the people who you are aiming to satiate are already going to be such real fast. So you will basically release new lands to entertain a few, (who will likely plow right through them fast)at the cost of widening the gap.

    My personal opinion is that new lands are 8-12 months off as far as a timeline that considers closing the gap between smalls and bigs, tightening hit ranges only really helps smalls vs bigs and not really mids vs bigs or smalls but that's also dependent upon how tight you make them.

    Either way alot of thought needs to go into any and all changes that are made to kaw. Pleasing one group often angers another, but that's part of what makes us a great community. ;)
  11. I'll vote yes as it will not affect my gameplay I play to pass the time and the clan cc,having new new lands will keep the BC LB players in the app putting their money into it.
  12. Though I disagree I feel your point is valid. Vote for your interest and opinion.
  13. No. Too many as it is
  14. What if new lands r for towers only?

    Many BC ppl would give pause to adjusting.
    BC EB faeries would not like it but their choice is their problem. I doubt tower lands would happen but i'd be all for it. Thats my twist.

    Yes to new lands if towers.
    Abstain if not