New Idea of "pay to win"- An alternative to HTE Epic Battle!

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by antonio00ro, Sep 17, 2014.

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  2. That was a real long post op. I'm gonna support this because of the time and effort spent. I agree with troll I'd love to see big ebs pay better.
  3. Support, maybe just tweak the % and time but a great idea.
  4. Excellent Idea. I would pay and support it
  5. Support it does make sense
  6. Support from me a gd idea there
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  8. Needs bumping great idea
  9. Yes... Thanks :) ups another bump :lol:
  10. I support this idea. It would help out clans considerably. Devs won't miss out on income and players still will make good gold and can stay home in their clans.

    One other idea is make the spell buyable in packages of some sort.

    In USD
    $1.25 for one day
    $4.00 for four
    $6.00 for seven

    Just general guidance as HTE clans vary in days you may stay.
  11. but…but…what about all those hte admins and owners freeloading trillions of gold from seal holders?
  12. Haha... aaaa... It's called collateral damage??? Or... Faut-il, how the military calls it!? :lol:
  13. Faut-il = Fast-CD phone is stupid lol
  14. I like it! SUPPORT! only thing is during promos u get awesome drops for the promo items like feathers. if your doing b2b long ebs theres no way u can achieve top tier equipment..or even close.devs made it like u have to pay to win : ( i love ez to unload fast so i dont mind paying 6$ every few days.its cheaper tgan smoking!
  15. Support and mines count for alot. I don't usually support things without a bribe.
  16. I actually thought this was going to be crap. But as I read through all of this I am quite impressed OP.
    Full Support
  17. Tanks for support guys, bump!
  18. This is the best idea i have heard yet that will solve the hte problem! I like it.