New EB: Apheriun the Netherking

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  1. New eb is great, I used 1 seal for more items and a longer eb instead of using a seal for a quick hte. Thanks devs :)
  2. A free crux n a xtal to play the new eb,why not a seal instead to see if it's worth spending time hitting it.
  3. They dont want you smellin the koolaid before you drink it
  4. When you first released HTE everyone got a free seal,now be nice monkeys and give everyone free seal again.

  5. Nice typo
  6. What's the bonus to clan?
  7. Just waiting for some to make a parody of an ASPCA ad but with ATA instead...

    ...For just $60 a day you can make it possible for an ata employee to someday retire...
  9. Someday? More like next week
  10. Theres another level to the achievement too... Dear god
  11. AGREED
  12. +1
  13. The game is dying anyways noob
  14. ++1
  15. 100trillion can be made in a hour... ?????? Seriously? what? lol
  16. It seems it's only the LB paying hefty $ to ATA so new ebs are again targeted to take more outta them! Noobs beware kaw is not for you!
  17. Yes. Noobs beware - for you don't know anything in your ignorance. It's ok, we'll look out for you.

    Newbs - don't worry. You've gotten much more support in the past year than in the past 3 years combined, possibly. You've got a good chance to catching up to most of the community in a short time.
  18. Feels good to know that they do this eb and not an official s7 announcement post 
  19. Dead set joke!!!!!!! Sad thing is some or most clans will do them ?