New changes.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Hansel, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Thanks kaw!!

    I just got spybombed by some chaos dude and he was like "haha loser, I farmed all your units", yeh I lost 1.5k units ^.^, THANKs for the change :D

    Makes spy builds much more dangerous. 
  2. Hey hansel, is the new building making spy builds more powerful? I wouldn't know yet can afford.
  3. I'm getting 1.4mil more per spy then before the war.. I'm happy ^_^
  4. Mike, the new buildings are meele/fighter based.
  5. I'm so happy too :D, I had to change to spies... So I was like oh shooot
  6. But now :D
  7. It takes 5 - 7 people to lock me out with spies.. 
  8. Spies. 
  9. I'm a spy build yaaaaaay
    oooo sorry my arm slipped
  10. Hate spybuilds....a mix build is the way to go
  11. They changed spy builds???
  12. Old thread is old.
  13. Lol why was it revived?
  14. Dangit. I was ready to go to the app store to download the new version lol. Then i saw the dates.
  15. 
  16. Legit thread is legit