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  1. ok guys i was thinking and im sharing this with yall to see your ideas !!

    ok i was thinking that if kaW develop new buildings (minor)which can generate gold , so players who arent so active can have a income. please right your comments on this!
  2. Op, see that hot tar?
    "I try my shirts off"
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  3. Please see SA's post...
  4. I'm against it for the same reason you want it. If people aren't active, they don't deserve to get money without song anything.
  5. *doing (not song)
  6. Dude, you realise say 1m every 5min, 49 of those= 50m every 5min=600m an Hour. THATS WHEN UR SLEEPING. That alone can cause kaw to self destruct into a ugh...idk 0 stat but income game!
  7. I could go on a one week holiday...

    600 mil and hour, 24 hours a day.
    600 x 24= ~14 bil a day.

    14bil x 7 days= 95 bil.

    That's for a week doing nothing...
    I have never had that kind of money, and I'm 2 mil combined o_O
  8. I would play once a week at that rate.
  9. I'm not a fan of the gold building idea. Let's say you start a alt. go inactive 5 months comeback and have enough to lowland lc and then some. Yeah I'm good with no gold generators
  10. This idea blows, I tried to farm op but he's tiny. 
  11. You would farm over a bad idea?
    Shows the maturity of some players...
  12. If this would come out, the Inflation from that would skyrocket building prices, ALLY PRICES, Land Cost, etc.

    Think, now 1B ally has maybe 60k stats (being good) if you add money buildings, one of those allies would cost 25B EASILY! eventually 100B
  13. btw bob, thanks 4 doing the math on page 1. i was going to make a guess at 100B but i didnt add it in msg.
  14. @op - go play FarmVille or city story or any of those sorts of games that give u revenue generation like that.
  15. Im not even gonna read al the answers. Just gonna say this is lame and doesnt make sense. A building for free gold to inactives? That would lead to lots of flaws and glitches.
    Hpw about i make an alt and make it inactive after im land complete with ur gold build huh. ?? Yeah nice banking account.
    Make gold warring! Dont b babies
  16. lol who said 600mill an hour omg :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    i was saying we buy the buildings lets say they cost 25bill to max upgrade and let the dev decide how much they should give per hour or every few minute
    600mill is alot for hour lol :lol:

    lets say like after 24hour if u didnt collect ur money the building will stop generating money.... :ugeek:
  17. The reason this is such a unique game is because it doesnt have these things you suggest...