New Banner/Avatar Event Needed

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  1. It’s been a really long time since we have had the opportunity to receive new banners that have significant bonuses to our overall accounts. They weren’t given out in All Star Wars either as rewards. For returning players or even new players who currently play this game, will give them a fighting chance to be on an equal basis as well as mixing up the goal of events so much. So instead of just attaining equipment, we can get new banners too. Please support!
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  2. Support!! I started end of march 2020 and no banner events, no aqua&inferno events.. basicly nothing to catch up with people who played for a longer time unless you'd use every single trader token for aqua and inferno, but that still doesnt fix the banner problem
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  3. Full support.
  4. I highly support this
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  5. Highly support
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  6. I support this!
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  7. Aqua/inferno event & banner event 💪
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  8. support!
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  9. Support!
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  10. Full support 💯🔥
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  11. We need this ASAP!💯
  12. 😃i was just wondering about that last week. When would there be banner finally.
  13. Further to the request for a banner event ! Who would like to see clan banners ? Let the Devs attempt to make something to show clan loyalty, a banner awarded to loyal clan players with our clan name proudly displayed with good states reflecting the strength of our clans !!!!
  14. Excellent idea. Fully support
  15. Support, would be cool to give new/returning players a chance catch up. Seeing as how I am a returning player I'd love to get back in the game.
  16. Support. Come on devs. Give us banners.
  17. Supportttt!!
  18. Can't believe no one here wants a banner event. 😂😂😂😂
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