New Age is Outraged!!

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  1. Greens are muffling us.. scary greens
  2. the reason i read forums
  3. No dog rp here please
  4. I'm calling animal control. This is an outrage! The abuse perpetrated against these poor victimized pooches is inhumane. There is no justice left in the world.
  6. Bump! So all can read bout this grooming scandal. Im still verry upset bout my dog
  7. So, where is the band??
  8. Band name Judgement...
    Managers:The Eagle's
    Albums: Around 50-60
    Sponsered by:Andriod Users
  9. What band you talk bout Liz? The ones who sing "Who let the dogs out?" or another one..? Perhaps The Appleseeds? They did great covers of Kraftwerk "We are the robots" and "Computer Love"
  10. Queen - Machines (Or 'Back to Humans')
  11. Bump. Hope i don't get silenced for bumping too. ;)
  12. The eagle will land. Will land. Will. Someday.
  13. It takes 7 kingdoms to strip farm a kingdom with max xstal. Over couple hours
  14. By the way, maybe you can find new groomers ;)
  15. NAL #No Action Legends. Stop talking but go look where the Atk button is, you guys didn't achieve **** in all those years so you need the forums to let others know you exist? #loses in osw/ee. Should change name to epic fails of kaw
  16. This was written almost 2 years ago, genius
  17. This thread is gold. I'm merely bumping it because I couldn't possibly add to the awesome that is the first page.