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  1. Do you like nerf post ur favorite weapon here
  2. Vulcan ebf25
  3. Whichever one kills you first.
    "I try my shirts off"
    -SA- Winning since 09
  4. The gun thing.
  5. Barricade rev10
  6. The one with bullets and stuff
  7. Battlemaster mace
  8. third party advertisement
    /wannabe mod
    Stay in school, don't do drugs, eat ur vegetables, the vitamins are good for
    You, don't take candy from strangers(besides on halloween)
  9. Dont forget paradesīˆ® I like the recon
  10. Btw, why is this in strategy?
  11. Recon or Maverick.

    I'm planning on spray painting my Recon.
  12. I'll settle for anything that kills you..
    "I try my shirts off"
    -SA- Winning since 09
  13. Wat color nitro?
  14. The nerf suicide bomb
  15. The big explode one.
  16. We heard the joke, SA. It just wasn't funny
  17. The one sniper rifle. I get my sister all the time, I have a loft bed. (A bunk bed with only the top bunk.)
  18. Rocket launcher. I have darts that have taks in the tip, and I nodes my rocket launcher to shoot normal darts 140 ft. It sticks completely into a wall. Lol