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  1. Hello kawrums

    I am going to try make this brief because i can only pretend im constipated so long before people want to take me to the Doctors, and dont act like you dont know what im talking about when i say that ;) (poop)

    Now lads and lads pretending to be lassies,

    What is role play? For this question, i resort to google for my answer, for only google can answer such a question.

    "the acting out or performance of a particular role, either consciously (as a technique in psychotherapy or training) or unconsciously, in accordance with the perceived expectations of society as regards a person's behaviour in a particular context."

    So effectively, role playing is pretending to be something that you're not?

    So now that the definition has been established im gunna have a mighty good mess around with it.

    Something that ive noticed in kaw in general, is the massive hatred towards role playing clans and people that want to role play in private messages. Now im not saying theyre all gunna be innocent messages but I still dont understand what all of the fuss is about?

    I mean, kaw by it's very genre of game is a role playing game. Kaw at it's core is just text and numbers and if you press certain places on your phone you make other text and numbers happen.

    But what do these text and numbers actually mean? Nothing that applies to the real world.

    Now theres a few routes i can go from here

    1) how does this apply to real life, is there anything else that's fundamentally the same?

    2) a different perspective to people that hate other people for hating people wanting to role play in pms or in clan chat

    3) why we like role play

    Im going with all 3 in order.

    So firstly, is there anything that is effectively just role play or meaningless on the grand scale of reality?

    Yes, money. Money is effectively just a trust between all human beings that symbolises how much effort you've put into life allowing you to trade for the basic necessities of life as well as added extras that you dont need to live but want to have to show off how superior you are.

    Ok ive made a few bold ass statements there without backing them up.

    Firstly, people that do the jobs that humans value the most in life are the ones who are the most wealthiest. They have the most money.

    People doing stuff others dont really value as a job at all are the ones that get paid the least.

    Lets take an example, the oil industry as a whole.

    Anyone working in the oil industry is gunna make a butt load more than anyone else because oil is a necessity in the growth of the biggest market in the world- technology.

    Without oil, there is very little the world can do to function the same way as it does today.

    Lets compare that to a cashier at mcdonalds. What does the cashier at mcdonalds bring to the world? Almost nothing. Their only purpose is to allow people to order food that has seriously bad health effects on themselves.

    Hence, people dont value mcdonalds cashiers as well as the oil industry.

    Easy comparison to make, but i made it to emphasise my point- earning money is effectively just a way of justifying people trading high valued goods for a figure on a computer or paper and circular metal in hand.

    The whole industry of money is effectively just creating a way of rewarding people for something theyve done and the value of money you have is essentially how much youre valued by the job you do in helping the human race succeed.

    If everyone in the world collectively decided that money wasn't worth anything then it wouldnt be worth anything. It's only because people believe it to be worth something that it's worth how much it's worth.

    Which is kind of like making the paper or metal pretend to he something that it isnt.

    So, money = rp amarite? :D

    Anyway, my next point.

    Kaw as a game and game genre IS role playing, so why is it that people flame role players for role playing something within the game? Like people that do that are such hypocrites because by playing kaw you are pretending that you have a kingdom that can fight people and stuff.

    It's not a real kingdom you own. It doesn't exist. You are literally just role playing with a prop.

    I dont have a problem with people not wanting to go into deep additional role plays I mean i dont desire it myself. But kaw as a game is just a role play enabled through technology.

    So why hate on people that want to role play a bit deeper? There's nothing wrong with it. It doesnt mean anything and doesnt effect your life if someone does something you dont have to look at.

    What i find even funnier is when people farm role play clans because they are role playing, as if that's actually gunna do something :lol: it's like, you are literally role playing with them by farming them for roleplaying because the only way theyre gunna be affected by it is in their own role play :lol:

    Onwards to my last point.

    Why do we like role play.

    The we i refer to is not just the players but humans in general.

    I think the answer to this is simple. We as a race like to role play because we like to be something that we're not to see how our skills as humans can be tested. We like to find what we're good weather it's good or bad in an environment where it doesnt matter.

    In kaw we're curious as to what itd be like to live in this strange world where we can fight monsters with armies and fight other kingdoms with our own kingdoms.

    And youre a liar if you dont think of thousands of assassins and theives and stuff engaging battle on the enemy kingdom, wearing the equipment you have collected, some of them using or holding the perm items we bought with real money.

    To sum up all my points in a collective conclusion, role play is in all our lives. Some people take it too seriously, some like to think theyre more of a badass than they really are and some like to be friendly and loved by everyone else.
    The fact is, everyone in this game is just a nerdy little role player. And i have no problem being apart of that. Exploring fantasies is just what humans do.

    Just as a final note i was kinda making these three points as separate threads but thought id merge them to save forums clogging. Sorry for the apparent wall of text.

    Inb4 tl;dr
    Inb4 wall of text
    Inb4 no support from dirtylarry's alt army
    Inb4 #noBBnoReading
  2. I rp with your mum
  3. That is a big quote... Holy moly
  4. I was tempted to quote it but then i realised how annoying it was just dealing with the original quote
  5. TL:DR --------v
    Roleplaying is a part of our lifes.
  6. Firstly, how many times can a person say firstly without saying secondly?

    Secondly (see how that works), I dont agree on the premise that we are all role players. I'm not bashing role players, but to me this is more of a social game. I dont think I am a king or am sending troops to battle. I converse with other people and I tap a button while I wait for things. That doesnt mean I am better than anyone else, just how I approach the game.

    By stating because the game has kingdoms, everyone must be role playing isnt really logical to me. If I play mario bros, i dont think of myself as an italian plumber and no one would accuse me of role playing.
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  12. Money is effectively the currency yada yada
    Defined by worth
    Those in oil industry most valuable
    See overpriced pre madonnas diving on football matches salaries?
    Actors that entertain yet Downey makes 80 mil Johansen 2-3 mil. Same movie.
    Blah blah blah
    But this worth issue.
    Freedom to do whatever you want.
    Ok basic requirement.
    Erm actually not so basic. Have you heard of the armed forces?
    A soldiers salary is far less than an oil workers and yet without a free nation you cannot act, serve in McDonald's or buy toilet paper to wipe your own ass.
    So when you want to value people by what they do. What opportunities they have had in life. Which family they were born into etc.
    remember the ones that make your life possible, the ones teaching you, training the next generation, keeping you safe on your streets and allowing you that basic freedom of living in a free country. They don't get paid what they are worth. Some of them save lives. Some make it possible for you to drive your Ferrari or to play football. And not one of them gives a damn how much money you earn. They just do what actually matters in life. The jobs that make life possible.
    If you honestly view a persons worth by their wealth. Then you have a very immature or sheltered outlook on life.
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  14. Read past number 3 and you will see.
    I so cannot be bothered to quote on this thread.
    I'm too busy dressing up as batman running down a beach chasing a purse snatcher. 
  15. I play the role of a frog and I'm not even French.
  16. Nothing really. Optimal just likes hearing the sound of his own voice and assumes we do too. 