Need war advice pls 

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  1. Hai guys *-*

    This is a post cause i need help! I took part in a war, but not quite sure wat i am to do, do i just attack and scout? Do i hit the strongest person on the opponents team? Does it make a difference if i attack the strongest or weakest person?

    And most importantly:

    Wat do the 'reports' mean?

    12/6/6 steals np <---- (wat does this mean?)

    Any help will do, thnx for looking, and soz for looking nooby ._.
  2. Money first, make as much profit as possible.
  3. Attack scout steal and assassinate whoever you can for the most plunder and succeed.

    Reports ~ wins/times tried/defense pots. Also add p for dtw and np for hittable.
  4. Don't scout assassinate actives on the other side
  5. 1mil and dunno how to war... Noobs... I was warring when I was 40k combined.
  6. Leek yes scout and assassinate - keep them pinned.
  7. And after you're done attacking, put the gold away, pots or allies, but don't leave gold out
  8. Actually miss behave p is for pinned and np not pinned. A target can be dtw and not pinned. Ex. A cashless pure spy.
  9. 12/6/6 steals np

    12=total hits, 6=wins 6= pots

    Steals= action, np=not pinned

    There are a lot of variations of this though. I use wins/total/pots
  10. Also it's helpful to report when the target was pinned using the minute side of the clock.

    Ex. (target name) 6/8/11 attk p :32

    Successes/attempts/pots used by defender ; action used( attack or spy action ); pinned ; time pinned
  11. @darth i know that but i was saying it in a way that OP could understand even if he knew nothing about the game :)
  12. ohhhhh now i finally get it! thank u guys so much! i've been so confused on wat they mean ._. havent done wars as i did the 4 resets first.. :]