Need older version of KAW for iTouch 6.1.6

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  1. Where can I find an older version of KAW to download for my iTouch version 6.1.6. The latest update I did on it locked me out of game on that device. I have since transferred that account to a new Android device so did not lose account, but now I have a free device for a new alt! Support told me to download an older version of game but I have been searching internet and cannot locate one!

    If anybody knows how to find an older version of KAW that will work on my old iTouch I will be forever grateful! It was working fine until a few months ago, so maybe a version from early this year would work fine!

    Thanks! Cheers & Happy New Year to All!
  2. Go back in time and download KaW
  3. Support
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    Sorry bruv, you're not allowed to Kaw on that device anymore..
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  9. Dont you mean shutdown?
  10. Quadra Kill... I mean support
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  11. I have a first gen iPod Touch. Still able to log into KAW. Though I think it's because I didn't update the KAW app. I also have 2 iPhone 3GS accounts. Unfortunately those won't log in to KAW as of many months ago. Emailed devs. Response was they no longer support any device below iPhone 5. Seems kinda like a conspiracy going on with Apple forcing KAW players to buy the newest most expensive devices out, as they know how dedicated KAW players are. With all these events going on, no one can just let their account sit idle. Yes, you can log onto PC, but that's tedious and can't carry it to work and KAW. you fall into Apple's ploy to buy a new device (s)?
    And btw, you fell for what support said? There is no older version of KAW to download
  12. Sorry he broke the Combo. Its just a normal kill now. Pentas are rare this days
  13. I suggest emailing support include
    Game name: kaw
    Account name:
    Screenshots of account if possible
    Latest receipt if possible
    Graphic location where you logged in last
    Hope it helps!
  14. Bro why tf are you even playing on an iPod 1G? My old 4G is a piece of ****
  15. I suggest just buying a cheap 4G . I'd sell you mine if I didn't use it for target practice .
  16. Guys, I'm using a potato to play KaW...
    It's barely working and it's no longer accepting updates from the apple store.
  17. Try using a carrot.
  18. Killer instinct reference. Support!
  19. Try searching for the api you need on the internet, I was in a similar position a while ago