Need help? come here.

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  1. Need Help?

    I'm a old player returning. My old name was Lord_Skittles but I now use this account. When I used to play there was a lot of new players or even older players who needed help with many different things. So I'm starting this thread to help people

    How can I help?

    If you have any question about anything just let me know even on my wall or on this thread. It can be anything from you looking for questions to be answered or you need help on a subject but there isn't any guide, I'll either answer the question or make a guide just for you. Anyone is welcome to ask and anyone is welcome to help just make sure to thank the person who is helping you.

  2. This rehab?
  3. Is this a religious or spiritual program?
  4. Obvious VK shilling is obvious.

  5. I need some help. Here's my short story about this girl i met at work.

    I'm a dentist in a small town, i work in a hospital with it's own mini dental office area. A girl walks in, she needs a quick checkup. She has a cavity, it only takes me about 4 or 5 minutes to fix it. Then i prescribe her a mouthwash with really high fluoride content. Fluoride is toxic in high concentrations, but it's pretty common amongst dentist. This fluoride rinse is pretty weird because you don't just spit it out, you have to keep it in your mouth for a short while so the fluoride settles in your teeth. I tell her not to swallow it but then jokingly add that she can if she wants to kill herself. She gave me a smirk but then i notice some cuts on her forearms. I have a Uh oh moment then decided to step out to check her records since it's in this hospital and it turns out she's on anti depressants for chronic depression and suicidal tendencies. I panic and quickly realized my jokes are a menace to my patients well-being. I realize if she drinks it and dies I'll have to finish my career as a dentist.

    That feeling when..

    I'm a dentist
    A menace
    An oral hygienist
    Open your mouth for about 4 or 5 minutes
    Take a little bit of fluoride with it
    Swish but don't spit it
    Swallow and I'll finish
  6. 10/10 execution
  7. My thumb is swollen. Who can help me.
  8. Suck it. Just like your clan members when im farming them.