na. an analysis.

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  1. Ninja is just a grammar nazi. I dont pasy attention to those
  2. The only mole you have is the one hanging off your lip. Don't fabricate a story. State the facts or stfu.
  3. I say the same thing to musang. He never listens tho.
  4. So u DO have a mole hanging off ur lip uh? Yuck.
    Anyway, whats that gotta do in these thread?
  5. Sorry, op. The ToU says you can only post in English on the forums.
  6. Salty please keep posting, this is hilarious
  7. This gif just made me cry from laughing
  8. Thisis an update u guys
    Na just threatenef the weak ass owner of hte ckan and got me kicked. This is what im talking about guys.

    Another update
    Im farming weak ass owner and his minions :lol:
  9. So basically your doing what everyone else does? So original.
  10. Y u following me everywhere i go jack? Shooo u creep
  11. UPDATE; You are no Philosopher
  12. UPDATE: Cherry is correct.

    PS: Accept no imitations.
  13. Ebrybodi is a philosopher. If u got a functioning brain that is
  14. That's your problem, you don't
  15. Says the no lifer
  16. Salty is a fag
  17. Dumbs like you and these noobs out here keep us in limelight. Ty 
  18. Get lost iron. U got no buziness posting here
  19. Boozing a little heavy tonight eh salty? That's alright, don't listen to the chumps, the hype
    is not real...

    On another note.. Nice to see you changing things up and not going pure sissy build like last time..

    Good luck buddy, and all the best
  20. Sorry for my bad English grammar with that said i want to say that this alt started it by writing bad like he was joking about an the more i read i see he is grammar is getting better could be that he is a prankster an making fun of English or just some one that don't want to be recognized wider way all you do is make a fool of your self .( JAFY WHO )