na. an analysis.

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  1. Tbh no. That korean kid was also double my weight. I had to summon all my courage to do it vpcuz i was enraged at the abuse
  2. He is not only racist. He called him fat too hahahaha
  3. He was korean. The abused was korean too. Its the oposite of racism.i didnt even no about racism back then
  4. Hey look its musang from the gang of bullies taljing about righteousness!
  5. This thread stink like feet
  6. Ur bully ways stink even more
  7. This gif is everywhere now

  8. Salty, read this again :roll:

  9. You're a fool op. Go back to the hole you crawled out of. You know nothing.
  10. Not another NA IDD related thread, it literally makes you dumber when you read a comeback or insult from. Poosang or whoever eelse is the lead spokesperson of these lemons.
  11. Yeah, keep tellyng yourselfes that. Did i say do not fight them? No. I said let kings and these idd chumps fight it out. Once they done u can start.
    I swear to God if these fool didnt have so many towers i'll make him reset in a day or two. Yes, you! Bully
  12. Look above you is Valentina looking for a boyfriend. You two should meet for Valentine's Day. I heard Val a taker lol
  13. Musang, ur infatuated with that moron. Why dont u tekl him how u really feel about him and stop trying to derail my thread?
  14. Hey man I'm pretty sure your the divorced one here, u and mickey can get togefa? Lmfao
    If you didnt get the joke. I had a mole in IDD, And all musang talked about was how he still loves his ex wife and sealing for HTE.
  15. Val u moron get the hell outta here dude. Jeeeez ur so starved for attention u follow me everywhere i go.
  16. "Do anything in your power"

    Do you mean increasing the opponents defense wins with fail attacks?

  17. Salty man I'm proud of u my son. YOU GREW SO BIG! Congratulations man you deserved it. Way ta go buddy
  18. This.

    Tho he uses this gif like balto puts up screen shot balto...

    Also this.

    So does this mean you, as an outsider, having learned about this inter-clan war from one side decides to set up the rules by which they govern their fight "or else"?

    I paraphrase, and or free-wrote a bit