My week of forumness 

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -Dante-, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Greetings forums. For those of you who don't know me? Your lucky 

    There are a few things I have done this week in the forums. I would like to make amends on these here in this thread. Any trolls will be reset.

    So, 1. The fiddler incident.

    I am a strong purveyor of PVP. I feel that 1 v 1, and clan v clan is brilliant. I do not support ganging up on players. So fiddler, with the recent information I have been given I shall cease hits immediately. If there is anything left of you after satan is done, I will clean it up then.


    I derailed your clan thread whilst drunk,and caused a blow out that makes your thread look bad. my apologies. If you would pm me your clan pic on that 3rd party app I am willing to make you a new thread.

    NOTE. these are not apologies. They are amends for things I have taken part in this week. Any smart ass's should know what will happen if you start.

  2. It takes guts to stand up and say you have done wrong so congrats on putting pride and reputation 2nd to do so.
  3. Respect Gained
  4. Just a tip for trollers: Don't
  5. You've earned my respect
  6. Thanks metal :)
  7. I'm tempted to be a smart ass..


    Drgn Lubs you Metal. No homo though, wipe that smile off your face
  8. Darn, I was excited to see which option Fiddler chose.
  9. I wish I knew you your pretty awesome
  10. So you were drunk?
    That's a white lie.
    Maybe a lil tipsy, but you would be a gibbering idiot if drunk.
  11. Hey metal, good on you for apologising, but I just cannot resist doing this.

  12. Respect.

    Check your Pm.
  13. Phoenix - autocorrect saves me 

    I have 2 empty one liters of beam that say I was gone
  14. Phoenix, I drink vodka and KaW all the time and make minimal errors because of my phone. Completely understandable.

    Jk lol good on you bro.

    Even though Deni is mean
  16. Hey hey. I didn't do it <_<
  17. Don't talk to me
  18. [​IMG]
    Metal Storm Texting Drunk
  19. Troll troll troll the Dante, merrily merrily kaw is but a game....ghead storm, hit meh