My poem ️

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  1. My head is upside down, my heart racing , my tummy is in knots , should i confess my feelings ? at how much i am missing the retired Sir Wattz? his worldchat visits are short lived then off he scurrys again , he would light up the screen on kaw each time he ran amok ! He took charge of the rap thread then lost interest in the job, his presence and input on it are sorely missed , i had so much fun in our cat n mouse games , when each other we would diss. Without Wattz in our daily lives , my heart will no more experiance perfect bliss.
  2. No1curr Ronald
  3. scrapster why are you now in regulators now on your purge account but newley renamed ares ?? You are a traitor to Zaft Corps and Ultra clan.
  4. Hi Fire thankyou i never have had a best-of before !
  5. you can really feel the emotions in this one. 10/10
  6. roni haha, too funny
  7. Its an undercover love story. I senses it :lol:
  8. Thankyou D4rk and Owl.
  9. You know I love it! Just teasing you. :*
  10. 0/10 wasn't dedicated to me.
    wouldn't read again
  11. Dang this is beautiful