My not so friend snoopy...

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  1. This is snoopy.

    Snoopy was my friend.
    Snoopy doesn’t want to give me a bathe. So I now dislike Snoopy as a friend.
    I promised Snoopy my rainbow. But… Only if Snoopy promised to bathe me.

    Snoopy declined and said I wasn’t worthy anymore… I gave Snoopy my rainbow anyway.
    Snoopy loved my rainbow so much that Snoopy started mumbling “taste the rainbow, feel the rainbow.”

    Snoopy Is Love
    Snoopy Is life

    That was until one day I awoke…
    I awoke to see my kingdom lay in ruin… in the distance I see Snoopy running into the shadow
    I thought Snoopy was my friend…? Why would Snoopy do this…?

    I gather my troops and wait at Snoopy’s kingdom.
    I await until I see Snoopy bedroom candle burnout.

    It does. Now’s my chance.
    My one chance at redemption.
    Here goes nothing.

    I hear snoopy laughing from the distance as I limp back to my castle…
    What…How did that happen?
    Fluttershy comes running out from the kingdom too check on me.
    I’m hurt badly. Fluttershy heals me.

    Now we have to retaliate. It’s time to call the other ponies.
    We will prevail.

    1234 I declare a Snoopy war
    5678 You will win, you just wait

    Wait.. That sounds wrong


  2. Don't do it Snoopy, it's a trap!! :shock:

  3. God dunggg ittt, whyyyyy you were so quick at readinnng
  4. I accept the challenge. In fact I'm so confident that I will win that I'll put up two washings as the prize.

    I win I get your love forever.
    You win I have unwillingly bathe you. Twice.

    <3 u with all I have dashie

  5. :sad: don't say you love me when you won't bathe me  I like these prizes tho.

    May the odds be never in your favour
  6. This thread kinda creeped me out.

  7. Mi so sorrryy, I only wanted a bathe :sad:
  8. You three are weirder than I first thought... I believe Drgn is the one leading this rp party... Shame on you! Taking advantage of a dog and farmyard horse... I hope no one lets you near their kitten or snake... Things may get dangerously out of control 
  9. Nevermind, this is now irrelavent
  10. Only way too find out is to offer a kitten or snake Wanna volunteer!?!
  11. Incorrect I have not yet finished my extremely lustful pounding on your pony ass.
  12. I thought that expression was "bony ass,"...pony ass takes it to a new dimension! 8)
  13. Sigh.. You truly are a nub. I edited that post because the original content was irrelevant. You're still relevant though. My ponies are coming!