My Dear Friend Chilli

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Renaissance, Jul 29, 2015.

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  1. To those who say these type threads don't work, i beg to differ. A thread of similar sentiment was started for Dirty Larry and appeared to work.
  2. I don't know chilli, but I do know that if your silenced, and don't get silenced for another 6 months, the silence is removed from your record. This means chilli had to be silenced 3 times in 6 months.

    No matter how much you ask the devs, they aren't gonna unsilence someone who has been silenced 3 times in 6 months.

    So, chilli will have to wait 6 months before he can apply for a repeal of the perm silence. And that's still to devs discretion.

    Adding that all his account have been silenced don't add to the devs brownie points of him being unsilenced either.

    Now, I'm not saying chilli needs/deserves to be silenced. I didn't see these silences either. From what I hear, chilli has been a big help to the community. So, maybe seeing this, it'll encourage the devs to unsilence him.

    Best bet is just to wait 3 months due to chilli helping the community instead of 6.
  3. I like chilli. Actually hits back in pvp events so support from me.
  4. He does have one of those have you not asked for it prior to this happening?
  5. Lock

    Live, Laugh, Love, Led ️
  6. My alt got silenced for saying something was a wrong silence I emailed support and within 2 hours silence was removed. Dont believe you.
  7. Guess chilirose is also forum perm silenced and am doing just fine as a functioning member of society.

    Live, Laugh, Love, Led ️
  8. I do know a lot about him, he'll he lives not far from me, the fact is this post won't really do much on the whole, as it's just a fluffer, all he can do is wait it out and appeal in 3 months.
  9. I got perm silenced after years of not being silenced since it was my 3rd silence 
  10. How about people don't do things to get silenced and you wouldn't even have to make such a worthless thread.

  11. Am I the only one who thought of free willy when I saw free chili? Just me? Ok.
  12. Sounds like he's had more than enough chances.
  13. They changed the silencing rules here awhile back.

    Search silencing rules on forums. It's by kaw_com.should be like the 4th or 5th thing on the search page
  14. Actually he was silenced for a very stupid reason, and then the devs tracked down his alts shortly after.
  15. Obviously he did something wrong to get silenced. So who cares the reason. He got what was coming to him.
  16. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, best bet is email support:

    Apologies for the inconvenience Chilli. :(
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