My complaint/ new eb event/ ach idea

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  1. I'd be down for that. 2 months of fighting solo sounds like a fun time
  2. Your also a higher cs then I am and I was still running fb on anyone I found in wc 
  3. I was just hoping for more inc during the event but who the hell wants to attack someone half their size for 2 shards at a time 
  4. Any future event should recognize that there are many players who cannot be "on" for hours at a time around the clock, but still like this game. Some people may only have 15 minutes to pop in. In the last event, it was hard to find people who were participating, the right size, and not pinned. My suggestions:

    1) The battle list should include only people you can hit at the moment. What good is a battle list full of DTWs.

    2) There should be an eight hour PVP knock out period. Once a player has been hit 30 times. They are knocked out until the time expired or they come back by hitting another player.

    3) on the iPhone, players should be able to retaliate by clicking a link in their news feed. Otherwise I can't retaliate against bar codes.

    4) Admins are at a disadvantage because their news feed gets filled with clan crap and they can't see what has happened more than an hour ago.

  5. @kid I like the ideas but the entire fun of off system Pvp is stripping a player maybe put in some sort of spell that costs mith and can be castes once or twice a day that allows you to be dtw for 8 hours.
  6. Your wrong grandpa  I did post with my main.
  7. Then please leave and come back when you can actually hit me. 
  8. There really is nothing stopping you from shutting down EBs in your own clan and farming whoever you want.. But honestly you can't impose a style of play onto people because they will just quit. Most of the players are use to EB and prefer it
  9. What a about mult clan EB system, where pinning other clans big hitters, stripping pays better in general, winner get large bonus loser gets small bonus. I got plenty more of these 
  10. Original war system, why not amend to current OSW standards, except plunder better in system and potential for drops too, OSW turns into war system
  11. Cool story with no foundation in fact.

    Before EB. When Kaw was strictly a pvp game (other than quests) it was a fast growing top 30 grossing app on the App Store.

    Since the introduction of eb and catering to the EB fairies to the point it had become a detriment to the pvp community they have almost fallen off the top 100 top grossing app list, have a steadily decreasing new player/quitting player ratio, and a 1 - 1.5 lower star rating than they enjoyed before the introduction of epic battles.

    So I am not sure where you get the idea that "oh everyone will quit and not spend money if they disable eb for a few days" but I'd say history shows different.

    Support for the op.

    And someone repost that opt out list.

  12. Because they were a money transfer exploit funneling hundreds of billions of gold to 1 player.
  13. Saberwulf has a point. ATA's pvp-heavy games, GAW and FC, were shut down due to an inability to retain healthy communities. If pure PVP was the only avenue to the perfect online community, why did they become extremely unpopular? I would say he does have history behind his statement.
  14. I remember when moderators supported and helped all members of the community. Even the ones they disagreed with on a philosophical level rather than ridicule, make assumptions, and insult those they disagree with.
    Guess those days are gone. Heck. I'll probably get banned too for having an opinion that pvp is dying out and player attempts to revive it just result in players getting banned.

    Daphnia, Ya should be proud of the work you do supporting the community. The whole community. Not just the members you agree with.

    Ps: I would bet 50% is pretty damn close if you compare a list of those who opted out vs those who actively hunted shards. Just an assumption but I bet it's not too far off.
  15. Because they were unsupported and seldom updated. Largely because ata didn't have the resources or manpower to keep them afloat.

    This was the cause of their decline rather than pvp.

    As pvp declined so has kaw's popularity, rating, and profitability.
  16. Thanks :D I am.

    Our community chose not to have updates (we were offered EB's, and the community turned them down - didnt wanna be like KaW).

    We received the same level of support as KaW (same support team). Our PVP, however, endured until the very, very last day. If PVP was enough to keep an entire community interested, we wouldn't have needed any further updates, and shut down would not have occurred.

    So your idea that the demise of PVP directly correlates to what you perceive as a decrease in popularity/ratings/profitability, is actually a presupposition supported only by your opinion.
  17. I'm pretty sure my opinion is not a demise to all ebs and have just Pvp. Read through I'm pretty sure it would be an event and I have gave a timeframe for discussion of 1 week to 2 months and an opt out option that doesn't really do anything.
  18. Pvp was one of the reasons I stayed up those late nights so I could keep my allies and my gold, or taking others and now a days this doesn't happen too many people are tapping a green button. They do pve promos and things to help with eb plunder and few for Pvp basis. This makes Pvp players become bored that no one is hitting players and quit