My Bad ZAFT!

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  1. Zaft am sorry i talked about your clan i was just helping my friend for what i thought he was getting hit unfairly by you guys. I personally thought ZAFT were bullies maybe am wrong but sorry wrath for going out of not saying sorry because am scared of u ZAFT. But because i was pinned for 2days and couldnt really enjoy the game special shout to Iprophet and his clan for helping me get out of this situation much respect to you!... :| Go ahead and troll my forum... :lol: But sorry wrath for starting things and talking crap to you Sorry to all of ZAFT
  2. Rude emoji pics :lol:
  3. Sorry also for saying you won't apologize? Many times you said that.......
  4. Yeah yeah say what want
  5. Only 2 days? Wow crybaby
  6. Why keep going ?
  7. Takes more of a man to admit you was wrong, well done. You really did go about the whole thing the wrong way, yet well done for actually solving it.
  8. "I was farmed for 2 days."

    "may we meet again"
    If you truly meant those last words, then you would not cower away so quickly. Respect to ZAFT 
  9. Thanks coml3y
  10. alright let me take that part of maybe u took it the wrong way
  11. and how am i a "crybaby" i was pinned and would rather want it to stop now then later since i had found out the truth?
  12. For what I know of the situation and the title says it all really, he admitting and apologising for his actions and comments, as they was out of place and acted upon wrongly feed info. He thought he was defending his mate, because Zaft farmed his mate, and took what his mate said to be the truth when there was more to it. So he's doing "the right" thing and saying he's sorry for defending a guilty man. I respect him, even though I did warn him, for trying to do the right thing yet was used by his mate. So he's here now apologising for actually trying to do the right thing and being gullible in what I make of it.
  13. @coml3y, I'm sry but what do you care and what business do you have in this matter ? Just let the dude be
  14. Wtf..Wow em I too high to read this or did my post get cut off ? Oh well 
  15. I just a busy body, that actually try to explain and enlighten things for people who likes to pick fault in things. Many are too quick to judge, sometimes people need someone to just put things into different words and make it easier for people to see the full picture instead of "only 2 days"
  16. Hmmm... I wonder what will happen if Zeus finds out about this...

    *plays dramatic music in background*
  17. your name and actions are 