Moth Hunter Achievement

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Sweet, thanks guys.
  2. I got mine
  3. Achievements are still going out, and they'll likely take several hours. As for the initial rewards, if you're certain you did not receive them please send an email to and they'll be able to help you.
  4. Lvl 4 supposed to be 14000?
  5. No... It's suppose to be 17000
  6. Now everyone that has them will be labeled an eb fairy. :p
  7. Golden your an idiot, we got 1000 free so everyone active has at least level 2 achievement. 
  8. Thank you so much for the moth achievement devs greatly appreciated and I worked really hard to get it too. One thing I love in this game is the creators interacting with their players Much thanks devs. 
  9. I say let the exchange of hits decide who's an EB fairy and who isn't. Not the achievements.
  10. Awesome! :D

    Although... The ice is making me chilly :?
  11. The release of the new Dragon EB would have been a better release than the Moth achievement shield.
  12. Who gives a deal about achievement fix the no match glitch, u have more non warring than warring. Wasn't like this last week
  13. Incomplete achievements bother me. Will there be another opportunity to finish this one off and get to level 5 if we missed it this time?
  14. Thank you devs 
  15. Thanks devs! I was surprised to log in and find an achievement
  16. @kaw_community have you analyzed the rest of the information from the polls that will change future events? In my opinion, a lot of the players made great suggestions to update theses events and should really be taken into consideration.
  17. @Cheese- no.
  18. @unknown- level 2 is 4000, so 1000 free won't get people "at least level 2"

    And moths were handed out from EE wars too, so you can't label everyone with an achievement as an "EB fairy"