monkeys killed the towers

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  2. Hi Sky, This is swift again, I just think towers hurt your plunder so that makes them bad in my humble opinion

  3. I'm probably only going to build towers at the very end of my build
  4. Theres a few points I'd like to address in this thread.

    First and formost Devs are super whack for amping up the hide allies spell the way they did about a year ago i think it was.

    Towers are still relevant for the average small to mid sized account; especially if you are like me, and enjoy fighting multiple accounts by yourself, or for E.E. purposes

    Third the Monkeys have nothing better to do but wreck all the things I love about this game and they are super whack for that
  5. Towered builds on the decrease nowadays.I think specially after ll wars were released ; people realized they can war without heavy towers.

    Also more inclination towards spy builds cause they earn better plunder & event drops.
  6. The new game direction has lead to two tiers of kaw. Those in the upper tier, about 1000 players or so, are playing a totally different game than the rest of the community.

    It's basically impossible for a new player to catch up without dropping thousands of dollars up front.

    This has resulted in two totally different playing fields when it comes to gold earned. That's not a long term sustainable game model in my opinion.

    Sadly, I don't really have a solution to it. The devs have created it in an effort to squeeze dollars out of its customers, which is their prerogative.
  7. Agree zero

    Shame really
  8. This is the sad truth.
  9. How about another set of buildings that significantly improve stats but lowered plunder?

    It would give that top tier of players a forced choice between stats and maintaining their spots on the ally LB. I think it could work if done right, the ratio of stats:cost for the new buildings would have to be significantly better than how the market values bonus from allies
  10. If you keep your stats under 100m, the game can be played like it once was. The problem is, 95% of people under 100m CS are eb/ee noobs.

    They have no concept of the excitement of old KaW.
  11. The thing is towers are still beneficial at this range of cs. That's why kaw stays kinda the same like how it was before

    Above this cs your10mil-30mil sdt/adt won't stop anything because of the size of other players. I know I'm just peaking 90mil cs but I feel like at one point a player has to decide whether to drop towers just to grow faster and build back towers later, or keep towers but not be able to keep up with others.

    And not to say that it's not the same way with smaller cs because you'll still see the range of plunder that drops when slapping on some towers, but I assume that the loss of plunder is significantly as a bigger build compared to what others your size can make. And that sucks lol
  12. Au contraire my good sir. There are still many players who understand the concept of old KaW. We just literally stayed the same size for years.