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  1. Hello everyone! I would just like to ask a question that I thought of that I would like to know the answer to.

    As we know, many players have gone the route of buying their way to BC/LCBC(Land Complete Building Complete) with multiple seals and Xtal purchases. There were also some speculations that a certain amount of money (ranging in the thousands) was needed to achieve BC in under a year.

    I would like to know if anyone has achieved the feat of reaching BC without having spent any money whatsoever. Looking at the LB, every single person, unsurprisingly, has spent money on kaw, as you can tell by the pro pack banner.

    Can anyone who knows someone who has reached BC before without spending money on Kaw please link their name down in the comments? I would like to see if there are any of these people out there.

    PS:( I'm not looking for people who have BCed under a year without spending money. I'm looking for everyone in general who managed to BC without any spending)
  2. Yeah, got resurrection for 10 successful BC after reset. Those were the gold ole days, HLBC -> BC
  3. Actually you can get propack banner by trading in your nobility points from the quests to get propack items if you log in through a web browser..
  4. Lol I mean current Abyss BC
  5. Ooh I didn't know that okay... Thanks for telling me. I'm pretty sure majority people didn't grind out that many quests just to get a pro pack though
  6. Seen people out there playing for 6 years to go to BC!
    Seems quite tough! You keep losing interest also soon!
  7. I used to be build complete, until I took an arrow in the knee
  8. It is not possible to bc in under a year with out spending, how ever it is possible to bc lol. I've have only spent $4 on this game, $2 to buy a propack and $2 to change my name. I am currently 50% through abyss lands and will be getting my 4yr badge soon. It takes a ton of grinding going the cheap route, but the benefits of slow growing is learning every aspect of your build and not costing a bundle to change it you don't like it after you bc.
  10. It for sure is, get someone to sponsor your stay at lounge of legends and unload every hour, don't sleep or that can lead to you falling behind.
  12. Ashes with the smarts again
    True, I didn't grind out quests 5 yrs ago to get my propacks. I purchased them the 1st month after realizing the huge help they were being a new noob acct. And also, sure I have spent a few $ on this game, under 1k in 5 yrs (how many drop $75ish for a new XBox/PS game every week?) I spent average guess of $200 a year. WoW! Huge spending on a game I enjoy.
  13. I spend way too much on this dammned game

    Buttttt SPRAGGA reached bc in 42seconds without spending
  14. LCSC - Land complete Spragga complete
  15. Nickthefirst
  16. I'm not sure if you can achieve BC without spending..

    When you think about it, you grind and grind and grind but somewhere in the year they'll throw out some new buildings, or new levels, and your road just got longer.

    I came back 4 months ago at 12 mil cs hansel, and now I'm here and I've spent about 500 dollars in those 4 months.

    Just wait for a promo and go crazy. Most people BC in the promo for like 200 bucks.

    I'm sure you can get pretty big without spending though.
  17. Yep, buy 2 or 3 big nob packs, and 1-2 big xtal packs, wait for a 50% HTE bonus, then drop 4 per day and Max xtal every time, you can easily make a few trillion per day if not more depending on what size you already are.
  18. I grinded out my quests lol at 36k now :lol:
  19. I'm bc with no spending. Did 90 resets to build nobs and xstals before that got yanked by devs. Got all the reset equip and used the nobs to get all the propacks.

    Was hfbc back in Nov 14 and took 1 year to abc when those lands came out.
  20. Took me 3 months to BC from a 5m cs build.
    Around 25 seals, 2 trains and 100 xtals.