mithrill dropping from HTE

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  1. Support 27 xtals and 42 nobs dropping from each HTE as well.

    Also let's change the end bonus for all builds so we make a minimum 931b from each HTE.
  2. Be serious inferno
  3. He can't his min turned to aqua.
  4. Wile I agree that some cant war due to work and other life reasons, myth can't be given in eb.
    Due to war equipment, theirs a cap on how many you can buy at a time, but you can still finagle your 6 limit cap , to cast all 4 major spells. Giving you the ability to enjoy pvp when you do have time.
    Also , the EB equipment is very useful if you understand the mechanics of the game. EB equip is more useful in my opinion.
  5. Call me crazy but I kind of support this idea haha. Maybe not from hte but their should another way to gain mith. I personally missed almost every season of EE wars due to osw and I am so far behind on how to even EE. With the current max limit I can't even buy enough mith to unholy. There needs to be another way earn mith, 1 hour wars where people have sh and whatever else and rosters to almost ensure wins should not be the only way. Partial support, Pvp or something else needs to gain mith, my over a year of warring with zaft and zaft/wdgaf is worth more than any of your little 1 hours wars. Osw clans deserve mith too.

    Freak has spoken
  6. There 1 way a random person on hte can get 1 mithrill and if you have 6 you cant get it ...genius
  7. What about an extra 100000trillion per hot while were there?
  8. I support. People are shelling out REAL money and devs are sitting back and lining their pockets. At the very least they could have it drop like Aqua and Inferno.
  9. Just rig a few wars to get VP for mith you noobs

    That's an eb that drops mith and doesn't require a seal.

    Yaaaaaay problem solved