mithrill dropping from HTE

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  1. HTE should've been gone a long time ago IMO. "Limited time only," lower part of my handle that is my ass.
  2. Everyone can war in individual wars.

  3. Not only no but hell no. War u damn fairy
  4. Lmao so I can join a b2b the clan and then get a shiz ton of mith

    If an the takes 1 hour (including 15 min start time) then they can do 24 HTE per hour.

    Generally HTE passes are 5 days long, so 24x5 = 120. That 120 HTE. If HTE drop 6-10 mith, then you can get anywhere between 720 and 1200. That's enough to buy all war equips and max enchant them.

    So full war mith gear maxed out for 6$. Yeah no.

    And Devs would never do this because then no one would war; no one buying xtals
  5. Look at op's equip its embarassing, almost all from events
  6. Any more EB ideas and I will

  7. Stop making ideas...
  8. no support. . .when will there be hard work for equip hunting from ebs? for the longest time i only had hooves of destruction and i thought i was going to kill someone smaller got amour that i wanted but i have a soultioun for u. . . Earn it and dont post again on fourms. . .
  9. No support ... Mithril is here to involve ppl in wars not in boring epics
  10. I hope a block of mithril falls from HTE... Destroying all his buildings...
  11. why stop there? It would be even better if max lvl mith equip dropped from hte!

    stop embarrassing yourself.
  12. The whole point of the war equip is to war to get it
  13. In this case I will agree, NO.
    I do not support making war profits available in EB's. Go to war and get your mith.
    EB's have their place in kaw, wars need to as well, war is what this game was built on. EB's are here to help when we do not have the time to war, do not have the motivation to build a strategy for war, or just want to hit on our breaks at work. Do not remove the biggest reason to war from the war benefit list.
  14. I will only support provided HTE drops at most one mith per eb and that is capped to a max of 6 per account at any time, ie you can only get a drop if you have less than 6 miths
  15. Why not allow a .00001% chance of minth drop from warbeast then you get 1 or 2 minth
  16. Oh that is a rate of 1 in 10million
  17. I think the devs should give us a Trillion gold whenever we ask